Sunday, September 28, 2008


Since before Riley was 2 he has been playing baseball. He LOVES to play baseball. So we finally found a league that allows the younger kids play!!!!! It was rather comical at times - I love how they ALL chase after every ball no matter what "position" they are playing. (Baseball terms are used loosely when describing T-ball). Fun times nonetheless. Riley loved it and cannot wait for next year. It did help that he has been hitting both pitches and off of the T for a very long time. We had fun watching him play.

How many T-Ballers can stand on third base?
Waiting and HOPING the ball comes to him.
Going for a ball
Posing, it took quite some effort to convince him that playing 3rd base does not require standing on 3rd base!!!
The HOME RUN hitter
The kids chasing his ball into the "big kid's" field. My son, the T-Ball STUD!!!

Air Force Museum

So, since we moved to Logan we have been talking, talking, talking about going to the Air force Museum in Layton (about an hour south of us). But it has been just talk, even though Tyson and Riley are both obsessed with flying and airplanes!! So, we finally decided to go when Maga and Papa (Jackman grandparents) were in town visiting. It was a little rainy, but we still had fun. Riley got a old time fighter pilot jacket (which he LOVES) and we all had fun looking at all of the airplanes and such.

Happy Birthday

Since the kids are only one month apart and they are too young to have an opinion...we combined Ry and Brie's birthdays!!! We went to the Cache Valley Fun Park and bowled and played games. Then we went back to Grandma Marsha's house for dinner, presents, cake and pinata!!! It was very fun with lots of Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, cousins and friends!!!

Riley got his blue bike! He still tells everyone he meets about it!! He kept telling us he wanted a green bike, then 1 day before Ty and I went bike shopping he swore up and down that he really wanted a blue bike. Then after we bought it he was back and forth with the color. Nevertheless, he loves his BLUE bike!!!
Aubry liked her frosting flowers, but kept getting mad that her hands were dirty(Ashley, her cousin, ended wearing all of the frosting that Brie wiped on her!!), so she decided to go with a more direct approach!
Messy birthday girl!!!
Her cute Hawaii outfit from Rick and Miss, she looked adorable in it in Hawaii too!!!
She loved this doll!! She went crazy over it and was trying to eat the face for at least a good ten minutes! We laughed for at least 15 about it!
Riley's super cool baseball cake. I thought baseball was fitting since he started T-ball right after his birthday! Luckily, Missa threw a baseball party for Jett two weeks before and so i just copied her! Thanks Miss!!!

Brie's pretty cake!!! I love it!

More bowling and Ry's dancing!
Gotta love the shoes

He loves this pirate ship!!!!

Tyson the Photographer

The morning of the kids combined birthday party Tyson decided to get the camera out and shoot some pics of the kids. I know that I am extremely biased, but they are just too beautiful!!!! Riley is exactly 4 and Aubry is 11 months in these pictures.

Trying to keep it cool!
He wanted to join in on the picture taking!!!
She is not very cooperative
Love those CHEEKS

Love those lashes!!!!

Thomas is sooo... cool!

Day with Thomas at the Heber Valley Railroad!!! This was perfect timing, as it coincided with preschool graduation and Riley's 4th birthday!!! Riley absolutely loves Thomas, so it was an easy choice for me! We left Brie with Grandma Marsha and off we went!

Riley and Sir. Toppamhat
Riley waiting patiently for our ride on Thomas!!
Me on Ry on Thomas waiting for the ride to start!
Over come with joy after the ride!
We stopped for a pic as we were leaving.
They even had a petting zoo
Fun lego train track
Our skin stickers!!!
Ry playing and sharing the Thomas toys and tracks they had on display
There he is, Thomas himself!!!

Overall, we Ry and I had a very fun day together! It would have been nice to have daddy there, but I enjoyed my mother and son date with Riley!!!!

We Are Back!!!

Hello friends, so sorry for the lapse in blogging!!! We have had one fun and crazy summer!!! You will hear all about it soon enough! Let me catch up with the goings on before we left and then summer pics and blogs will come!!! I very much appreciate your patience!
Mindi Cluff :)