Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Goings On

Since we have been home from Carpinteria we have been busy!! (And I have been TIRED)!! I didn't think that 30 was old until I got pregnant...this one has been tough.
So...we have been working on the house. Our bedroom has new windows, all the wall paper is gone and has new nice texture on the walls. Tyson painted the room brown and aqua...looks super nice!! He also trimmed out the windows too! Just need to rip up the carpet because all three bedrooms are getting new carpet August 31!!! YAY!! Then we can all have our rooms back! Ty ripped the carpet up in the front room to find that our hardwood floors look pretty darn good! We bought hard woods for the hallway and the floor will get laid and then all the floors refinished probably early September!! Ty also ripped down the paneling on the wall in the front room!! Soon the upstairs will be done, aside from the bathroom. I decided that I wanted all of the easier stuff done first, then he can put all of his focus on the bathroom!!
The kids completed another round of swimming lessons...they had fun. Riley did really well and almost has his back stroke down!! Aubry, well she was the only one in her class and I think she had her teacher wrapped around her finger. It was just glorified water play time for her...fine with me, she was happy!
I am still VERY tired!
This past Saturday Ty had a kidney stone start to!!!! It hit him at night, so he was able to do some work on the house first. Long story short, the stone wasn't passing on it's own, so Monday he had surgery to get it removed. He is still pretty uncomfortable, but is back at work. We leave tomorrow for Hawaii, so hopefully he will be out of pain for vacation!!
Will post lots of fun stuff from Maui when we get back! Hope you all have a great last few weeks of summer and good first weeks of school!!! :)