Monday, April 26, 2010

Random pics and the latest news

Just some random pictures that never made it into a post.

she likes MY socks
and she has attitude!!
My little guy all tuckered out after his first day of school!!!

As for our latest news...I am PREGNANT with child # 3. Yep the third and FINAL one is on the way. I am due November 30th and am SICK!! This pregnancy is pretty similar to the other two, lots of vomiting, hospital visits for IV fluids and the such. Hopefully it will get better in the next month or I can catch up with my house, blog, cooking for my family and well...LIFE!!

Snow Day

It is rare to get Ty to play in the snow (unless it involves sledding). So we were excited that he played with us and built a snowman!! The snowman lasted for quite some time too. Fun family time in the snow!!

Daddy and his kiddos
B couldn't keep her gloves on...her poor little hands were soooo red!!!

Silly daddy
Me and my boy

Me and my girl
I learned this snow fight move from my dad last year!!!
I threw the kids into a nice warm bath and set stuff out to dry by the vents

LOVE IT!!! It takes a lot of energy to play in the snow!!