Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Frogs and Snails, is that what little boys are made of?

Saturday rolled around and I was pouting because Tyson didn't want to do what I wanted to, what else is new? When I am mad, I usually do chores. So, Ty was trying to get back into my good graces by taking out the upstairs trash that I had collected and bagged and he found a frog. He called Ry out to see the frog and of course he was thrilled. He told Ty, we have to show mommy!!!! Riley was so excited about this frog that I asked him if he wanted a pet frog (yes, I really don't think b4 I speak!). He jumped all over that one! So, we went to the pet store and found the cheapest and easiest to maintain frog we could find, an African dwarf frog. $15.00 later, we were at home getting Kermit's cage ready and putting Gary (the snail to clean up after Kermit - yes Ry likes Sponge Bob-Gary his Bob's snail). Well, it has been a couple of days, Gary died, we are on Gary the second. Last night, Kermit bit it too! Good thing we went and bought Gary the second yesterday and another XL African dwarf frog, whom Riley named Green. These are our pets, hopefully we can keep these alive longer. (Luckily, they are only 2 bucks a pop!!)

Is it Halloween yet mommy?

Let me start with this, last Halloween Riley was Chicken Little and it was a bit of a struggle to get him into his costume. So, this year, I thought that I would let him choose his costume to help him get pumped for the big night!!!! My how the boy has changed over the past year!!! He picked "Buzz Lightyeart" (Ry's language) and helped me order the costume online. That night Ry saw Ty on the competer (Ry talk again) and told his dad that he wanted his Buzz Lightyeart. Ty asked me what he wanted and I told him about the costume, so, Ty told Ry that is would come in the mail - mistake # 2!! For 5 days, every 10 minutes, before and after the mail man came all I heard was this, "Mama, where is my Buzz in the mail?!?" Finally, it came on Monday - take a guess as to how many times he has worn it already???? The magic number: 5, I have finally hid it!!!! Too funny.

Friday, August 24, 2007

My life, not so glamorous right now

Well, Riley is pretending to take a nap right now and Brie is cooing in her crib - so - I thought that I would upload the latest pics. So sad really, it is 1:30 in the pm, I have not showered yet, and my big plans for the day: grocery store (not fun with both kiddos) and dinner to the missionaries. Oh to have a glamorous life!!!! Actually, I am just lazy right now. Brie is starting to sleep through the night, 'bout time!!! I am still so tired though. Well, these pictures are just some that I think are dang cute!! Aubry's brown hair bow, she has a ton (too many), her in a couple of her outfits, she has more (a couple pages in her scrapbook devoted to all of the outfits I love to put her in), Brie sleeping with Ty (this was also Riley's favorite place to sleep) and finally, Riley with a stinky morning face!!! He, just like his mommy, is sooo not an AM person! Well, time to go and read everyone's blogs!! To anyone reading this out there, how do you list your blogging buddies on your blog???? Thanks!

Freedom in a machine

This is my pump, sorry to all that this may gross out!!! But I LOVE my pump. It is a machine that gives freedom to all nursing mothers. I am able to store my liquid freedom in the fridge and every once in a while (when Ty is feeling brave enough to be home with both kids alone) I am GONE!!!! I love it soooo much! Thank you to Tyson for buying me the nice one for our 7th anniversary!!!! Well, just wanted to share this with you all.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Things that I am obsessed with!!
1. Ebay, I love. love it, love it!! I have been selling alot of my Stampin' Up! and general scrapbook stuff that I know I won't use and have made over $600!!! Ebay is the best!
2. Little girl's clothes. I find myself changing Brie's outfit, even when she doesn't need to be changed! (I will post pics later, I need to ship my Ebay stuff today)!
3. Target - cannot go even 2 days without going in there - dangerous place for me!
4. Writing in my journal and blogging - I actually write in my journal every night now, it is really helping me focus on all of my blessings and be a happier person in general!

Well, that is it for right now. We had a good weekend, all of my family got home safe from Hawaii!!! Ty, Ry, Brie and I had a picnic on Saturday and we played baseball with Riley. His technique needs some work, but he is only 3 so I will give him a break!! He can hit the ball rather far and doesn't even need a tee!! That's my boy! All in all we had a nice day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Family Fun

Last Saturday we all went to the Discovery Center, which Riley calls the "party museum". We had been there a few weeks previous for a birthday party for one of his friends. Anyway, Riley absolutely loved having his daddy with him this time and they played while I held Aubry. (Ty took Brie for a while and I was able to play with Ry). I snapped some pics of Ty and Ry playing, they are so dang cute together, I LOVE IT!!

First time for everything

I thought that since I am addicted to reading Katie's (my sis-in-law) blog, maybe I should start one of my own. Since we live on the other side of the country from EVERYONE in our family, I probably should have started this, oh, three years ago! Hind site is always 20/20. Life is great but extremely busy right now. Our little Aubry isn't quite sleeping through the night just yet! I am so desperate for her to sleep 8 hours, I even quit my coveted Dr. Pepper - so sad! She is gorgeous though, I so want to have another girl, they get big so quickly, it really isn't fair. Riley is as active and stubborn and any three-year-old boy can be. He absolutely adores his baby sister though and has finally made the transition from his potty chair to the "real toilet". It is classic when he comes into the bathroom and sees me on the toilet (how dare I) and says, "Hey mom, get up, I need to pee NOW!" Oh the simple joys of motherhood!! We don't see Tyson much these days, something that we really are not used to. He is completing his general surgery rotation and is working 12 to 13 hour days!!! Today is his last day and on Monday begins his pediatrics rotation, which will hopefully be more of a 9 to 5 day!! On top of all of this, we are preparing to go to Cali on September 7th and drive to Utah while there for a house hunting trip - yes - I have finally succumbed to my husband, we are moving to Logan November 3, 2007!!! Hope Cache Valley is ready for this California girl! Catch you guys lata.