Friday, April 25, 2008

They sleep anywhere

Now that she is rolling and crawling she loves to be on the ground all of the time. I was doing something in the kitchen and thought it was a bit too quiet. This is what I found. It is like she rolled off of the blanket and then zonked! I have pictures of Riley like this too! I just love how they fall asleep anywhere!!!

You know she is out when the Binky is out of the mouth!!

Mom, I LOVE baby sister

Not quite sure what he did to her, she is obviously not happy!!!
When I ask him why she is sad, he says: "Ummm, well....I didn't do anyfing (Ry's pronunciation-we are working on the th) to her mom"!
"I love baby sister sooooooo much". Actions Riley, they speak much louder than words!!!

I just thought that she looked cute wiping her tears!!!

And now she has gotten over it and is ready to play again. She just adores Riley, even though he isn't always the nicest or gentlest brother. I tell myself that she is just going to be a tough girl!

I hear those words (title of blog) constantly and yet everyday she cries at least two or three times because of something that he did to her!!! I wonder if he just doesn't get it!!!! Can't wait until this "phase" is over. I have a feeling that it is going to get worse before it gets better. Brie is crawling now and is on the path of destroying Riley's train tracks!!! I am actually quite amused by it. I am proud of Ry, he hasn't hit her yet (at least not for taking apart his tracks)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sometimes...they really do get hurt!!

Yes, sometimes they really do get hurt when they don't listen to mom and dad!!!! Let me paint the scene for you...Sunday afternoon and cousins are playing in Grandma's backyard (cluff side). Riley's' "Jeep Hurricane" power wheels is the activity of choice. Kaitlynn (Ry's not quite 2 1/2 year old cousin) is driving and Riley (though he has been told many times to sit in the seat with his seat belt on) is sitting on the back of the Jeep telling Kaitlynn to go fast, slowdown, turn and just yelling like the crazy 4 year old that he is. All of the sudden Kaitlynn SLAMS on the brakes, Riley flips over and his head ends up where his feet would have been if he were sitting in the passenger seat with his seat belt!!!! Kaitlynn was rather unfazed by all of this as Ry cries out: "Kaitlynn, I told you not to hurt me"!!! I tried not to laugh and say I told you so!!!!! Meanwhile, Kaitlynn drives off as Riley clings to me crying. He cried even more when he looked in the mirror and said, "Oh, man!!! Mom, it is broken (add sobs and whining, you with kids should know how to do it)!!!! These are his battle wounds or marks of disobedience!!! (They are healing up nicely!!!

Not too sure where the dirt on his nose came from!!!
His eye was pretty black Monday. Everywhere we go people ask him what happens, he recounts the story with sound effects and all! He really can be quite funny!!!
My little guy, happy as ever.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby Ace Van Cellars Jackman

We have a brand new addition to the Jackman Family!!! Rick and Marissa's 5th (4th son): Ace Van Cellars Jackman!!!! He arrived (April 7) two weeks before his due date, nice and small. He was 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 19 inches, I think. Anyone out there feel free to correct me if I am wrong. We went down to Eagle Mountain to see this little guy and the rest of the Jackman Krew. We had a great visit with everyone and I could not get enough of this little guy! I cannot believe that it was only 9 1/2 months ago that Aubry was this tiny!!!! They grow way TOO FAST! Riley had a great time playing with Cade and Jett. Aubry just chilled rolling around on the floor and playing with toys. Rick and Ty played 9 hole of golf (better than HALO). Miss, Teri (Missa's mom), Ace and I just visited. Very nice day with family. I apologize, I am no photographer, these pictures do not do him justice!!!

Just sleeping.
See how cute and tiny he is!?!?!?!
Looking around, I think he is looking at his mommy here.
He does this with his lips a lot.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Natalie, I am so sorry! I totally forgot that you had tagged here it goes!!!
1. 10 years ago
2. 5 things on my to do list for today
3. Snacks that I enjoy
4. What I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire
5. 5 places that I have lived
6. 5 jobs I have had
7. 3 of my bad habits
8. 5 random things people don't know about me

1. Ten years ago I was almost 19 doing my thing at BYU! Not a care in the world. Going to classes during the day and playing in any volleyball league I could by night. I also had a part time job working for my uncle Bob. A little extra cash to spend and Express, Gap or The Limited and of course Nordstrom!!! I wish I would have appreciated the simplicity of my life then! I wish I had finished my degree too!!!!
2. Update my blog, return the water horse, mail my ebay auctions, workout (if Ty gets home at a decent hour) and Grocery store (out of salad stuff - we like salads)
3. Snacks I enjoy: celery and low fat cream cheese with pine nuts, raw almonds, apples slices and low fat SHARP cheddar cheese (YUMMY), cheese and anything really - I like cheese.
4. I would pay off our student loans, then buy a house for me, my mother-in-law, and help our family members, then pay for Tyson's flight lessons and then buy him the jet of his dreams! KEEP DREAMING!!!!!
5. I have lived in: Pico Rivera, Whittier, Provo/Orem, back to Whittier, Scranton, Pennsylvania and Now Utah again.
6. Ran my dad's office out of high school, worked in Uncle's office during college, Stint at Rose Hills in the A/P dept. (I was dying to get out of there, ha,ha corny I know!), Back to run my dad's office and now a full time mom.
7. Bad habits...what does Tyson complain about the most. (1) I throw things away if someone leaves them out for too long, it doesn't matter what I think it may go to, I am just so annoyed by the sight of it that I just throw it right in the trash! (2) I react instead of acting. I just react to Riley without even thinking most of the time. I sooooo thought that I would be a better mom than I am. (3) I drink way too much Dr. Pepper, I am addicted! I will go out just for a Dr. Pepper, I will drive out of my way for one too! Yes, I am crazy. The day I quit for good I will probably lose like 10 lbs.
8. (1) Sometimes I wish that I had finished my degree and had some stellar career. Don't get me wrong, i love my family very much, I just envisioned life very differently (obviously made plans without consulting Heavenly Father!) (2) People who are close to me know this, but everyone probably doesn't. Being a nurturer does NOT come natural to me. Striving to be a good mom is definitely one of my life challenges. (3) When I picture myself, I see me as a size 6 my senior year of high school, oh and blond too! (4) I used to watch General Hospital (soap opera) RELIGIOUSLY! Now, I have pretty much quit watching TV in general. Takes up too much time. (5) I love ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riley loves music

Okay, let's just get it out there. My son has a shuffle and yes he is spoiled. Let me explain! Tyson got me this shuffle for Christmas of 2006 and then right after they came out with all of the cool colored shuffles!! So, Ty surprised me with my orange shuffle for Mother's Day of 2007. So here I am thinking...what to do with two shuffles. Then I thought, Riley likes music...why not! It has been great. It has come in handy on road trips (I can only listen to the Backyardigans (sp?) music so much) and on all of our flying!!! So what type of music does he like, his play list features: Backyardigans, Jack Johnson (Curious George soundtrack), All American Rejects (he loves Move Along), Primary music and some ABC songs from They Might Be Giants.

Rockin' out!
He is dancing, can't really tell. He has his father's lack of rhythm. That's okay, he is awesome at baseball and golf!!!!
Dancing some more!
Riley's silver shuffle. It is pretty banged up, but it is still going strong!!!!


Sky view High school has a Child Care Occupation or something or other program at the school. Every third trimester of the school year they run an 8 week pre-school program. I thought that this would be a good activity for Riley, since I haven't the slightest clue where we will be come September. So, he goes to school Monday-Thursday from 9 am to 11 am! He LOVES it and I LOVE IT too! Brie and I just chill or run errands (so fast without the almost 4 year old). Here are some pictures.

This is Riley getting ready to come to the car at the end of the day!!!
He picked a Diego back pack, I tired to talk him into something cooler, but nooooooooo! He wanted "eggo". He doesn't even watch the show!
His cheesy smile right before we left for school!
Showing off his handy crafting!!!! He loves school and all of the fun projects that they do!

Riley the Photographer

Okay, I uploaded some ebay pictures for my auctions and with those pictures came 200 other images!!!! Riley is sneaky and has been playing with my camera instead of his own!!! Here are some of the keepers! He takes some pretty good and A LOT of FUNNY pictures. More to come when I have more time!!

Aubry all ready to go! No clue where we were off to!!
I guess he wanted to see what he looks like while pouting! We see that pout all too often!
View from our front room window. We are kinda sick of the snow!!!
Daddy still sleeping. This must have been a Tuesday or Saturday!
This is the train track that he got for his 3rd b-day. Yes, I put it together thank you very much!!!! (We lost the instructions in the move, so it is a VERY big deal that it is together).

Easter Fun

After golf we headed over to Grandma Cluff's house to color Easter Eggs with Grandma, Aunt Erin, cousin Asheley (Ry's pronunciation) and cousin Sarah. This is the one blue egg that Riley colored. The rest were his favorite color...GREEN! The kid picks green for everything, I love that he knows what he likes. So yes, we had about 10 Green eggs! Very fun.

Ry was actually very careful this year!!
The gang once we were all done. From left to right: Sarah, Riley, Asheley, Grandma and Aubry and Aunt Erin. I took the picture and Tyson was changing the breaks on the Honda (pretty sure)!! The back brakes were down to the metal, he said that the clip that makes the brakes squeak had even broken off (NOT GOOD)!
Sunday morning. We kept the baskets pretty simple this year. At this age they are excited about anything!! Ry was most excited about the car in the big egg!
Aubry Lynn, got a plush flower and some super cute pajamas.
My two kiddos! Aubry doesn't really smile much when the camera is out. But she smiles all day long every single day!! She is a picture stinker. Easter dress look familiar Steph - I LOVE IT! She looked sooooooooooooooo dang cute in it!!!!

Tyson has GOLF FEVER

Okay, so Tyson has some major golf fever!!! This is the Saturday before Easter and we actually had some decent weather. He was soooooo...desperate to golf that he wanted me to go with him! (I am rather athletic, but golf - really hard and I have only golfed once in high school)! So I told him that if we went to the temple during the week, we could golf nine holes on Saturday - priorities!!! Well, we went to the temple on Wednesday or Thursday and it was awesome. It was the first time we have been together in a while! Saturday rolled around and we woke up bright and early and golfed. Let's just say it was embarrassing all around. I was embarrassed, Ty was embarrassed of me (mainly because I was snapping pictures). I think I was 26 strokes over par. Yep, need a little bit of practice!!!

At the end of our golf escapades - I was glad my humiliation was OVER!
Tyson was saying that this is why most women don't golf - who takes pictures at the tee!?!?!?!
My golfing pose. Let me tell ya, a good golf swing and boobs - do not go together well!!!