Saturday, February 27, 2010

Christmas 2009

Beware: this post contains LOTS of pictures.
So, Christmas was good! It was all about the kids, Ty and I got each other some small stuff, but our personal focus is on getting our house done!! We woke up late and the kids had a blast opening gifts...then we ate breakfast at like noon. (We munched on these yummy donut/mini-muffins that I made - soooo good)!!! We were so busy assembling and playing that we were pretty late to Ty's mom's house for dinner. All in all we had a wonderful Christmas!

My cuties in PJS on Christmas Eve

Once I was FINALLY done with all of the work!!

Between the kitchen and her stocking candy....she was good. Why did we get her more stuff???
He was pretty stoked about his telescope...he loves space!
Cute apron Andrea made for her!

Mouth and hands full of chocolate...she is CRAZY!!
Digging for more chocolate!
Happy Boy!
We finally convinced her to open some presents!

I gave in this year and began the Bakugon collection
Bumble Bee the protector!
Back to cooking

More assembly for TY!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


So we had lots and lots of fun this past Halloween.
Tyson's cousins in Logan threw a super fun party and the kids loved it!!! Riley was in his school parade, had a super fun party at school thrown by me and the other two room moms. Then, we went to trunk or treat and did some regular trick or treating too! Way too much candy!!

Riley loved the donuts!! He had to cheat to get it tough!
I tried to help, we just ended up laughing

Little witchy poo!

Big witch, little witch
Bobbing for apples
Obe-wan and his apprentice Anakin

Riley wanted to switch it up and do the Vader thing for trunk or treat....little does he know that Anakin becomes Darth! We aren't telling him yet either!
Off to trunk or treat
In the parade

Summer (again)

I was looking through my pictures and found some more summer fun!!
Since we live in the boonies...and Ty is a redneck at heart...we went to the Rodeo. It is a smaller one, but hey we live in a smaller town!! It was fun. My favorite part was the mutton race. Little kids on sheep...HILARIOUS!!!! I was a little anxious most of time since Brie would not just sit with Ty or I, and the grand stand (for those of you who do not speak HICK...that means bleachers!!) was not child proof, she could have easily fallen through and got very hurt!! Other than that, we had a good time, ate some yummy fair burgers and the kids loved seeing people riding horses!!

so pretty
Aubry made a new friend!
Riley and Landon

Aubry and Mallory

A cowboy trying to rope a calf
This summer we became known as the house with the big water slide in front. Yes, we have a nice BIG backyard...but we have a nice big dog that lives back there too! So the water slide was in the front yard this summer and we had kids knocking on our door to play!! Funny! We broke it out one last time for Riley and Aubry to play with their best buds Landon and Mallory. Their dad Skylar was nice enough to help Ty pull out some super ugly shrubs from the front and side of our house while the kids were playing!! So nice to have friends that help!! So I "watched" the kids play and have some fun.
Taking a snack break
The girls trying hard to get to the top!
Mallory finally made it, Brie...she gave up

When the wasps from the shrubs mentioned above got a little crazy (Skylar got stung in his nose!!) we moved the party inside. MESS, MESS, MESS!!!!