Monday, October 22, 2007

Trip down memory lane

2005 - 17 months
2006 - 2 years + 5 months (bright sun in his eyes)
2007 - 3 years + 5 months (grew a TON)

We have gone to Roba's every year Riley has been old enough to go (walking). I found some pictures, cannot believe how fast time flies! I love my little man!


Not your typical boy, hates when his hands are dirty
Luke, Riley and Kaiya (distracted by the chickens behind them!!)
My precious little pumpkins!!!
He even makes a cute pig!!

Every Tuesday we have a playgroup and it has really helped Riley to interact and play better with other children (given that he was an only child for 3 years). He has grown so fond of his friends, expecially Luke Major! We are going to be sad to go! Last Tuesday we went to Roba's Family Farm. This year Riley loved the pig races, the giant jumping pillow, the huge tower of hay and slides, the animal area (he fed the goats and sheep this time). Above are pictures of all of the fun things that we did. He did not want to leave (of coarse) but we had fun and he was a good boy while we were there!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Grandmas and Great-Grandmas

Me, Brie and Ry with Grandma Jackman (my dad's mom)
Four generation photo: (left to right: My mom (Sherri Jackman), her mom (Earlene Freeman), Aubry and Me.
Grandma Marsha (Tyson's mom) holding little Brie

While we were in Utah looking for a place to live, we went to visit my Grandma Jackman and we took a four generation picture with my Grandma Freeman. Also, Tyson's mom came home from her mission while we were there, so we went to visit her! Riley so loved seeing grandmas and cousins and aunts and uncles! He really has missed that over the past couple of years being so far away from family!

The Beach Baby!!!

Matching beach outfits!!!
Chasing the waves, more like running away from them!
Uncle Mo and Ry - they are so cute together!!

We went to the beach with Uncle Matthew one day while we were in California. Matt and Ry had tons of fun chasing waves!! Brie and I were kicking it under the umbrella so we wouldn't get burned. It was a cool day and the water was freezing, we still had fun though! Thanks to Uncle Mo for going with us!

My son, the model

These pics were just so cute that I had to share them!!!

Aquarium of the Pacific

The birds loved the nector
They loved Ty's neck even more!
Ty's bite marks!!!
Tyson & Riley touching the reef sharks and rays, Riley wanted to swim with them.

Okay, it is time to get caught up before I get sooo...overwhelmed with packing and eventually have to pack up the computer. While we were in California early September we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was really fun and Riley got to see a lot of animals and fish. My favorite was the bird section. This one parrot absolutely loved Tyson and kept biting him! Pretty funny!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Moving, not so fun!

I do not like packing!!! Moving accross the country is a real pain, you have to pack EVERYTHING!! Tyson had all of last week off, so we got some stuff done, not as much as we should have. Now it all falls upon ME! I have been sorting and packing everyday when Ry is calm or napping and Brie isn't hungry. I cannot wait until Christmas this year. We will be moved, settled nicely into Logan and have a wonderful Cluff side family Christmas. I will post pics and more stuff later. Riley is downstairs by himself doing who knows what!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New Hair

New hair cut!!!!
I just liked this pic of me and Ry and wanted to post it, I think he is starting to look like me just a tiny bit!?!?!?!?!

For the past three years (since moving to PA) I have been growing my hair out! I don't know why, my hair is THICK, frizzy and rather curly - long is not the best idea. I finally let go of it and cut it nice and short!!! Tyson actually told me that my looks great (first time in about...3 years)!! I am and always will be a short hair girl!!! The best part, it looks even better in Utah, thanks to that nice and DRY climate!! Lots of great hair days for me in the future!!!!

Mini Me (Mini Tyson)

Since Riley was born Tyson has referred to him as "mini me". I thought that his picture of Tys and his clone was one to share with everyone!! I love my boys!! I love that they are best buds, I love how much Riley adores his father and I especially love how much Tyson adores Riley. They share an awesome bond!

Blessing Day

Aubry Lynn Cluff September 9, 2007 in her blessing gown
Our little family, may no get much bigger!!!

Pretty Girl
We flew to Cali on Friday 9-7, Aubry was perfect on the flight and Riley was extremely well behaved considering he is 3, a boy, and on an airplane for close to 6 hours!!! Saturday we relaxed and Sunday we were actually on time to church!!!!! Tyson blessed Aubry and my dad, Justin, Randy and Tyson's brother David were in the circle as well!! It was nice to bless her with family in the same ward that we blessed Riley. We saw lots of friends and family, it was a wonderful day!!!