Friday, June 20, 2008

Aubry the Mess Maker

With Riley I was always able to gate off any area (especially the kitchen) that I wanted. The entry ways here are very wide, so Aubry seems to make so many more messes than Ry ever did. I think she just has many more opportunities!!!!! I was folding laundry and thought it was too quiet. I soon found little Brie Lynn had knocked over all of her formula, grabbed a box of croutons and had dumped them out on the floor and was sucking on one, had one in each hand too! You should have heard the scream she let out when I started to clean up and take away the croutons! She is one feisty red head!!!! I am in TROUBLE!!!

Her mess, you might not be able to tell, but there is a crouton hanging out of her mouth. She is sucking on it. She had NO teeth, so she sucks and mashes everything!!! She is funny.
She is just so dang cute!!!

Pre Shcool Graduation

Yes, they do have preschool Graduations, this is a HUGE, MAJOR milestone. I know it's not, but it is still fun to see the teacher and kids he has been talking about for 8 weeks. I cried (because it was over and those 2 hours were the BEST of my day)!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE him. A break is always good though. Everyday he wakes up and asks me when preschool starts again. I can't decide if he misses the school part or the high school girl teachers part!!! (Funny note: we ran into some of his really pretty teachers at a Demolition Derby - yes we embrace the redneck here-and they all went gaga over him. He thought he was sooo cool hangin' with them!!!!)

Ry and teacher Kris! She is the head of the preschool program at Sky View High School. Ry totally loved her. She was really awesome with the kiddos!!!
Ry in his shirt and graduation hat! Too Cute!
Riley, Kayden and Devin. (Kayden is our neighbor and Devin is his cousin. These are Ry's school friends).
Mr. Cool Guy in the back row. It was so funny! We were late (of coarse) and everyone was sitting all quiet when we got there. Riley walks in and the teacher was saying she was glad he made it. He sits in the back row, leans back and starts talking and laughing to the kids around him. They were turning to talk to him and laughing and joking around. I thought I had a vision of him as a teenager!!! I think he will continue to CHALLENGE me!!!! He thinks he is too cool for school!
Riley and Gentry. She is gorgeous, bad pic. Ry talked about her A LOT!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sorry...I am such a Blogger Slacker

We went to the Hogle Zoo a little while back. It was fun, smaller zoo than we are used to, But Ry thought it was super cool. Ry's favorites: The 2 minute train ride around the zoo (we went like 3 times), the white crocodile/alligator (can't quite remember which one it was) AND the treats and presents he got at the gift shop (which cost us more than it did to get into the zoo)!!!! This bear was making some interesting noises. We took a picture and let it have some privacy!!!!
Ry and I on the train, this was the second time, Ty and Brie came the first time too.

Riley looking at Antone the white whatever he is.
Here is Antone!!! He was pretty cool to see!!

I cannot believe that it has been since April!!!! Steph, no wonder you were giving me crap!!!! :) Love ya.

Anywho, there is A LOT going on and a lot has gone on. I will catch up with all of that in a few days.