Sunday, May 30, 2010

I found Easter Pictures

I pulled out my SLR camera today to take pictures of the kids in their Easter clothes (slacker...I know) and found Easter pictures too!!!! YAY! We had a super fun kick-back Easter this year. My baby brother Matthew and his sweet wife Rachael came to visit us and it was great!! It was Conference weekend, so we were lazy! The Easter Bunny did not arrive until the afternoon and the kids were happy when he did! Matt helped the Easter bunny hide the eggs for the hunt, even though it was FREEZING cold outside! We were just glad that we didn't have snow!!! (In door hunts are no fun)!! Matt, Ty and Ry played the wii, while B and auntie Rae played littlest pet shops and beauty shop (seriously wish I had a camcorder on them-to flippin' cute!!) Thanks to Matt and Rae for coming to see us and making our Easter fun!!!
I was just starting to be preggo I was glad Rae was here to help. We managed to make a yummy big breakfast, everyone snacked on candy, then we had a traditional ham dinner!

We need to buy bigger Easter baskets...or put less stuff in them...bigger baskets!!! The vacuum is out because Matt likes to clean...come back ANY time MO!! ;)
B was very excited about her chocolate bunny

New pet shops...auntie Rae with some Easter candy.
Mo with Easter candy
Riley Matthew and Matthew Thomas
All bundled up for the Easter Egg HUNT!!!
She was super fun to watch this year!! She broke a few eggs, not a gentle child!

Now for some Easter Clothing CUTENESS:
Silly, silly poses. Riley thinks he is a model!
Cheesy smiles...well at least I got them in their outfits. Maybe next Sunday I will put them in their Christmas clothes...I don't think I ever got a pic of those outfits!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What I was Up to Before I got sick pregnant

Not to toot my own horn...just wanted to share some things that I had done before I became a pregnant lump on the couch.

Freezer meals, I have a freezer full of them! Need to start eating them, now that I can get downstairs to the freezer. This is the Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti is yummers!!
I am one of the room mom's for Riley's class...this stuff is so FUN! I made heart shaped finger jellos and these super yummy cake balls. Ty tasted one and then told me not to take them all to Ry's class! I told I would make him some more..have I? NO! His bday is in a couple of weeks, maybe then!!

Birthday Family Fun

Since we did not throw a "friend party" for Ry this year (still recovering from last year's)...we decided to spend Ry's birthday together as a family. Tyson worked a half-ish day (2pm) and pulled Ry out of school early. Then we drove down to Layton, UT where the nearest Chuck E Cheese is. Did you know that Mon-Thurs you get double tokens??? We did not, we paid for 160 and got 320...took 3 hours to use those bad boys. I even spent some time on those games that suck them up super fast. Riley was all over the place playing games and air hockey. At first Brie was staying close by me or Ty...then she was off. Tyson played his usual hour of skeet ball and did NOT get the bonus...he normally does. We still ended up with over 1000 tickets. Brie just wanted a big, messy lollipop. So Ry used the rest of the tickets and was a happy birthday boy. Next we were off to Toys R Us to pick out a scooter, he spent his own money on an RC plane he HAD to have!! Then to Red Robin to eat glad that I was feeling good that day...fried zucchini and a whiskey river bbq chicken burger have NEVER tasted so YUMMY!!!! Then we crashed Uncle Adam's house and stayed until nearly 11pm. They won't answer the door next time!! All in all, we had a great day and Riley was a super happy birthday boy!!!

Saturday came and it was family party time. I had a super fun pool party planned, but mother nature did not cooperate. It was windy and COLD...way too cold even for the heated pool. So The Cluffs that live nearby all came and we just hung out and played. We had a casual BBQ of burgers, hot dogs and brats. Everyone had a good time and Riley loved his yummy cold stone ice cream cake and presents. He also got a lot of bday money to replenish his wallet!! Thanks everyone!

He loves Iron Man

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthday Boy

Why do our children have to grow up so FAST???? It just seems like he should not already be SIX! Today I celebrate my handsome, fun-loving, helping, cuddly, time out getting, best big brother, all around wonderfully loving, sweet son! Man I love this kid! Don't get me wrong, he can push me to the very edge at times - but he really is a good boy. He LOVES his sister - he just adores her and takes care of her and does whatever she asks! He is a very tender hearted cuddly boy too! Sometimes this is hard because he is only six, but he is the size of a 10 year-old! Riley, I love you and Happy, happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Aubry got him this iron man thing. HE LOVES IT!! Wants to wear it to school today-sorry bud!
His stats: Age-6, Height-51", Weight-71 lbs.
He was the star of the week at school a little while back and we made this poster of most of the places that he has been so far. He was born in CA...then he moved to Pennsylvania. While living there we took him to Harmony, PA; Palmyra NY; Niagara Falls in Buffalo, NY; and Nauvoo, IL. Then we moved to Logan, UT when he was 3. For his 4th birthday we went to see Thomas the Train, he loved the Air Force Museum in Layton, UT. He has been to Maui, HI twice now and can't wait to go back this summer. He LOVES camping at Carpinteria, CA every summer with the Cluff side of the family. Finally, we moved to Malad, ID and had a super cool Star Wars party for his 5th birthday.
His answers for the star of the week form
Pets: Zeus (dog) and Tabby Cat
Fav Color: Green Fav Movie: Star Wars
Fav Game: Star Wars Fav Book: The Universe
Fav animal: Elephant Fav song: I Am A Child of God
Fav Food: Red Noodles (Beef flavored Ramen) Fav Fruit: Pears
Fav activity: Play with friends Least Fav Food: Spicy Salad (Dole Asian Salad)
My mom likes the way I vacuum and help
My dad likes the way I play video games with him
I am good at Cleaning
When I was a baby I lived in Pennsylvania and flew on airplanes a lot to visit my family in California.

He likes to play with his hair...what can I say, he is just silly.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Well, not to be a total complainer....pregnancy is HARD!!!!! As of this morning I am 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant and here are some interesting little facts:
Pounds lost: 32-ish
Trips to ER for IV fluids: 3
Kidney Stones Passed: 1
Number of weeks spent on the couch: 4 or 5 ... kind of a blur
Am I glad I am pregnant?: YES...cannot wait to find out what we are having and to hold him/her!!
Will I do this again: No Way! Three will complete our family!

With all of that stuff said...I am actually starting to feel better. Not normal, not great, but better; which is a marked improvement from the super crappy of three days ago! Maybe 12 weeks will be the magic week this time! That would be a blessing, I am not sure how much more of this my body/sanity and family can handle!!

Shout out to my mom! I LOVE, love, lOvE, LoVe you!! Thank you for sacrificing your time/sanity/everything to come here and help us this past week! You are an angel and a blessing! I only hope that someday I can be as great of a mother as you are!! We love you soooooooooo much!!

That is it for now. Things are looking up for us and I am very thankful!!!!