Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Harmony, Pennsylvania

I had been looking for these pictures for so long, of coarse, they were still on one of my cards and had not been dowloaded. It is crazy how fast time flies and how much can change in less than a year! We all went to Harmony, PA to see the Susquehanna River (Aaronic Priesthood Restoration Site and where Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were baptized) after Ty's graduation in May of 2007. Riley actually looks like an almost three year old and I was still preggers with Aubry!!! I do miss the beauty and church history sites of PA and NY!!!

Ry and Papa walking down the path to the river
Me and mom!!!
He is sooooo cute! I cannot get over how much he has grown up!!!
Our little family at the river!
He loves, loves, loves to throw things, especially rocks. He did not want to leave!!!
I will take some pictures of Riley and Aubry and post them next so we can see how much he has changed! It is just crazy!

Catch Up!

Okay, to catch up on things. The scrapbook retreat that I went on with my sis-in-law (Missa) and her friends was GREAT! It was just so fun to be me for a day or two. We went to lunch, we scrapped, we went to the SEI outlet - it was great! Thank you to Missa for calling me about it.

Life is starting to wind down. We went to Cali and had a great time with Maga, Papa, Uncle Matt, Uncle Jay and Auntie Ber, Uncle Randy, Auntie Katie, Madi and Laney!!! The weather was beautiful (the second half of the time at least) it was torutre to return to 30 degree weather after being in 75 degree weather. Riley is also much happier when he is able to spend time outside! We officially have some major SRPING FEVER in this house.

We are looking into Pre-School for Riley. We need structure and I need something to force me to once again establish a routine in our home. I was great with our routine before I got pregnant with Brie, she is now almost 9 months old, yes I am lagging!!!!

Oh, and on a last big note, we have a new cousin on the Jackman side (#9)!!! Justin and Amber's son finally made is grand entrance into this world on March 7!!!! Her labor seemed long (longer than both of mine) but everyone came through healthy and strong! Jasper William Jackman 6 lbs. 7 oz. and 19 1/4" (TINY Little Guy). We are dying to see him!! I will post pics as soon as I get some sent to me.