Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sacred Grove and Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Me and Brie at the falls
Our family at the falls
Lots of mist!! These pictures do not do the falls justice, simply amazing!!!!
Well Niagara Falls is just an hour and 20 minutes north west of Palmyra New York, so of coarse we had to go one more time. Clay had never seen the falls either so he was super excited! Riley thought that the waterfalls were cool, but more than anything he just wanted to RUN around. Car trips and 3 year olds, not always the best combo!!
Our family at the Sacred Grove
Riley, "Look what I can do" Simply gorgeous on a cold fall day
Path from the grove to the large family home

Our last hurrah in Northeast Pennsylvania. Clay (our nephew on Tyson's side) flew out to help us pack up and drive to Utah. We had been working very hard and knew that this would be our last chance to visit the church historical sites. So after our moving sale on Saturday October 27th we drove up to Palmyra New York and stayed at the Nauvoo Inn. It is a cute and quaint place in gorgeous Palmyra. We love that place! We got up in the morning and went to the Sacred Grove and walked through, Riley ran of coarse!! Clay took the tour of all of the homes on the Smith Farm while I fed Brie and Riley played outside with an umbrella (who needs toys!!)

We had a nice weekend, it was very quick though! Tyson had to be back to work on Monday, so we drove home late Sunday night!!

The things they do and say

Once again we had to go to Target and get new winter PJ's because Riley just keeps growing like a WEED! He was so excited to get "cool pajamas". He liked them for the feet and of coarse because they are like sister's!!

One day while I was trying to pack and get organized the house seemed a little too quite. So I started looking for Riley and this is what I found. He had climbed into her crib. When I gave him my look, he looked at me so innocently and said, "I just want to lay with her mom!" He loves his sister soooooo much! This is so why they will not be sharing a room any time soon! He just doesn't get that she needs her own space! I have gotta keep an eye on that kid!!!

Has it REALLY been a month?1?!!!

Helllo there friends and family! I cannot believe that it has been an entire month since my last post!! Let's see this is a list of what has happened over the last month:
1. Packed up our house in Pennsylvania
2. Packed up Penske Truck (Thank you to friends and family for the help)!!
3. The kids and I flew cross country
4. Tyson, Clay (nephew) and my mom DROVE CROSS COUNTRY!!! Thank you, we love you!
5. Unloaded Penske truck (again - thank you family)
6. Unpacked and set up home in Logan, Utah!!
7. Strep throat (me and Riley) Not fun!!
8. First Thanksgiving with family in about 3 years!!!!

Life has been crazy here, but it is starting to slow down to it's normal not so crazy pace! The kids have been great and Tyson is loving his Ortho rotation. We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and planning for the future!