Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Riley was old enough for soccer this year and he LOVED! He loved his team and they all had fun goofing around! They did pretty well and definitely improved over the season. I was the assistant coach... I had to study a little because Mindi and soccer are NOT words that have EVER been used together. Something about running and kicking a ball - and the no hands thing...not a good combo for me! Luckily Riley did better than I ever have!! He got the hang of it, scored most games and was bummed when the season ended! Kids on his team: 1st graders-Jacob, Payton, Jaimen and Kodi. Kindergartners: Aubrey and Austin.

Kick off, he wasn't the fastest on his team, though he was the biggest and a little on the physical side...need to work on that!

I think he scored that goal!!

Kindergarten...Really? my little boy truly old enough for school, seriously?? I cannot believe it! My firstborn, precious little boy is in Kindergarten! He loves school and really enjoys recess and all of his friends. He is a bit too social for his own good and is a frequent visitor at the time out table in his class. The first week he averaged 2 time outs a day...his all time record is three in one day. That is kind of a lot considering he is only at school for a little over three hours!!!
Nevertheless, he is enjoying school, he does his homework willingly and loves to read with me! I hope that NEVER changes!!
Kindergarten stats: Age: 5, Height: 52", Weight: 67 lbs.

Get a grip, crazy lady!!!
Me crying and telling him to be a good boy!

Ready to go

Bumble Bee lights up when he walks and moves the backpack...what more does he need, right?

My Oh So Handsome BOY!!


For my thirtieth birthday Ty and I spent a nice "just us" weekend in Park City, UT. Park City is beautiful and is growing, but it still has a quaint feeling to it! We LOVED IT!!! We cannot wait to go back. I think that Tyson wants us to become a ski family eventually...we will see.
We got there late Friday night and relaxed in our room. Saturday we went to "Old-Town" Park City and walked the historic main street. We had a nice lunch there and then went on a scenic chair lift ride! I did not want to feel we went to Olympic Park and went on the highest zip-line, then the Alpine Slide. Then we went shopping - it had been much too long since I had been to the Gap Outlet...super fun!! We ended the day with a delicious dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse - YUM! Sunday we drove around a little after breakfast and then drove back to Logan to pick up the kiddos!!
Thanks Tyson, my b-day weekend was the BEST ever!!

At Ruth Chris

The view from the chairlift ride

Tyson was taking way too many pictures, so I let him know!

On the chairlift ride

Monday, January 25, 2010

Transformers 2

Okay, life is changing. We learned the HARD way to start going to movies without our children to see if they are okay for them to see. Luckily for us, our son was so engrossed with all of the action that most of the YUCK, CRAP went over his head!!!! We dodged one this time. With that said, here is my boy waiting oh so patiently for Ty to get home so we could go see Bumble Bee in Transformers 2..opening night! I waited in line for a while, but worth it to have good seats! Ty, Ry and I had fun. Ty was a little shocked that I let him wear this shirt (normally these types of shirts are strictly play-not in public-shirts), I guess I am loosening up! ;)

4th Of July

The 4th of July is a BIG, I mean SUPER BIG deal here in Malad! The festivities begin on July 3rd....which is why Ty was sore the whole weekend!! He was drafted onto the Hospitals' BED RACE team and softball team! They won the bed race, which I think I actually posted in July! His softball team only played three games, but it was enough to make the poor guy sore! It was super, crazy hot here, so we missed the daytime fun stuff and just had friends over for a BBQ and some huge fireworks! Next year we are going even bigger...since we noticed everyone around did the same! Fun times!! Oh, Malad Idol was pretty fun to watch too, until it started raining, them we left!!

Poor guy recuperating in between games
My super cute patriotic kiddos!!

Aubry's Family Birthday

I decided to try my hand at some fancy cupcakes for Aubry! She loved all of the yummy frosting! Both she and Ry liked the birthday princess crown...silly kids. B had fun licking the frosting....then these two went straight to the TUB!!! Happy 2nd Birthday to Aubry!

Long Time...No Blog

No excuses...I have been preoccupied...oh and my computer was broken and I didn't want to upload pictures onto Ty's laptop, then I would have to re-load them onto this computer, because they all have to be in one spot....Okay so a couple of excuses. Now because I am oh so OCD, I will be catching up to the present in chronological order!! Stay tuned...