Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy News

First of all, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Matthew and his beautiful fiance Raechel. We love you guys and are very happy for you!!!
Our family has grown by........4 paws. Yes, we have a new puppy. In these pictures he is 12 weeks old. We went to Malad to visit our friends Rick and Amber Driessen and they had 3 adorable black lab/bealge mix puppies. His name is Zeus Turbo Cluff. Turbo is because he is part beagle and we had a beagle named Turbo Scooter Jackman growing up. He is a very happy and well behaved, fun puppy! Riley LOVES him and he is great with Riley. We took him to get shots today and Zeus just sat on the seat with his head in Riley's lap as Ry was petting his head and telling him, "You are my friend Seus (Ry can't quite say Zeus), I love you so much Seus, oh mom, he loves me so much!" You get the picture. They are buddies!! We cannot wait until the Spring to play outside without jackets and glubs (Riley's words once again).
Ry and his new friend. I am pretty sure that Brie is still his best friend, though! (That is until she starts to crawl and steal his toys, then I am sure Zeus will be his best friend).
Big puppy paw!!
Isn't he just the CUTEST!!!!

More Christmas Pictures

The Saturday after Christmas we went to Temple Square (yes, all 29 of us-Ty's side is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
huge and it keeps growing)!!! But hey, he is the baby of 7 kids. We had a great time at his Uncle Grant's house. We got to see the train and village that Tyson's Grandpa started and Grant has continued with. Riley did NOT want to leave (sorry no pics, we were just focused on helping Ry NOT touch anything). The lights were amazing at temple square and Heather of Heather Cluff Photography grabbed my camera and started shooting away - lucky me! Then we stopped by Rick and Missa's house to see everyone. Randy, Katie, Madi, Laney, Jay, Ber, and Matt were up there to visit! I was super excited to see them all and be with all of my brothers at once, it had been quite a while since we had all been together. Good times.

I gues Ty is too cool to smile!
He finally cracked!
Ty and his mama
Bundled up Bire
The Jackman side of the family!! The boys played ONE game of Halo after this picture and then we had to get home.

Christmas 2007

We had a good Christmas this year. It was Ty's year and all of his brothers (excpet for Brian) were up at Marsha's house. Ty enjoyed hanging with his brothers. He was especially excited that Dave and Eileen bought their kids a Wii, he played it more than they did (maybe a slight exaggeration). Riley had lots of fun opeing his gifts and helping Aubry, it will be a sad day in Riley Land when Brie is old enough to do the fun stuff for herself!!! I started Ty a "Flight Lesson Fund" and got him some small stuff, Ty got me a Nintendo DS with the Brain Age game (LOVE IT) and Riley got a camera (I will be posting some of his pics soon, he is quite the budding photographer) an RC truck and a Smart Cycle game system (Educational might I add). Good times with family. The only part I did not like was waking up at 6am to be at Marsha's by 7 for Christmas morning - we had to wake up Riley (he still likes to sleep in, even when presets are involved).

Our tree, sorry not the best picture. Just think lots of snowmen ornaments.
Frosting cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. Christian was eating the frosting (which Marsha and I made and it was SUPER YUMMY!!) Riley just wanted sprinkles!!!
Riley opening his stocking. Lots of fun little things, including a CTR ring, which we cannot find already! It looked really cute on him too!
Me and my little Brie, Brie.
Me and my super warm quilt. I am a quilt collector!! I Love, Love, Love them! Marsha made me and Brie quilts for Christmas this year! I had to wait patiently for her to get home from her mission to make me a quilt. I now have a quilit from my mom and mom-in-law!

Thanksgiving 2007

Okay, Thanksgiving with the Cluffs was crazy HUGE this year. We had our Thanksgiving at a Stake Center because there were like 90 people there. (About the amount of the annual Carpinteria family reunion). Tyson had tons of fun catching up with aunts, uncles, cousins, etc, etc, etc. I chased Riley around because I didn't trust him to stay in the building, as many kids were going across the street to play at a park in the COLD!!! (He was recovering from streap throat and I wanted him to stay warm). The food was good and the activities were many. We had a slide show, three pinatas (youngsters, teenagers, oldtimers) and Santa even came to visit us, how lucky are we!!!

These are the Great Grandchildren of the Collings sisters Beth (front left and Tyson's Grandma) and Rissa (front right, she is holding Brie).
The "Married-Ins" with Coulson, Grandma Beth and Aunt Rissa. (I was still blonde here!!! :( I miss the blonde !!)
Riley actually enjoyed Santa for the very first time!! He usually screams and cries!!!
Brie was rather interested in Santa.
Riley's pinata loot. For some reason he did not want to hit the pinata. Strange considering how much he loves swinging bats at things!!!! He enjoyed the spoils!!!

Random Stuff

I was looking through my pictures in my computer files and organizing (Getting ready for the scrapbook retreat with Missa in March CANNOT WAIT). These are just random pictures that I wanted to post.
Riley saw Drake "helping" Matt shave his head, so He wanted to "help" daddy cut his hair!!!
Aubry's baby blues looking at me while she chills in her carseat.
Riley getting ready to lauch his rocket (daddy bought it, boys and their toys)
My silly, smiley girl.
She is always sucking on her bottom lip!!! Don't you want to pinch
those chubby, rosey cheeks!?!?!?

Friday, February 1, 2008

My true color

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