Saturday, March 28, 2009


Riley is our HERO!! Tonight we had a little bonfire in our back yard...Tyson had been taking the downstairs apart and we have a lot of wood and Ty seems to think that it is best used as firewood. So, he found a round metal thing and made it into a "ghetto" fire pit (I named it that :). Long story short...I locked all of us out of our house. We could get into our enclosed patio (just a tad warmer in there than outside) but NOT into our house. Usually Ty is handy with a credit card for entry, not this time, doors were not budging.

At this point Riley is getting upset. He started to cry and then said, "Mom, YOU locked us out of our house!", "We are stuck out here FOREVER!"...more crying. I am quite amused because Tyson is rather handy is these situations, as he is in many others. Finally he decides to see if the bathroom window is locked (never is) and it is not this time!! YAY! Now, we had to convince Ry that the window would actually put him into the bathroom. He thought that he was going to be stuck, stuck in the dark wall!! Funny kid. He finally decides to trust us an Ty lifts him through the window, then Ry says, "Oh, this is the bathroom." DUH!!!

Anyway, he came running and opened up the door for us!! Riley is the HERO!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hair Cut

B's first haircut was....difficult. My sweet sis-in-law cut it for me and gave her her super cute bangs. But B would not quit squirming and crying, so the back had always been a bit uneven, Rach did great, B, not so much. We have been blowing her hair dry after bath so that it doesn't go all crazy and she is constantly pushing her bangs out of her eyes. So I though, maybe she might do better this time around. She just saw Ry be a stud and get his haircut and the Wal-Mart salon...he looks great, by the way. So B and I went and I held her. She started to cry when the girl sprayed her hair with water. She pouted the whole time and wanted to "hold you" (which means she wanted to cuddle with me, love it). All in all, she did very well and the cut came out super cute! Sorry Rach, you had her when she was difficult - we love you!!!!
She is smiling because she is trying to get away
Now she is pouting because I firmly told her to sit still. You can't tell, but the back is short and layered (it looks a little thicker) and the front is longer. A cute and stylish A-line cut, it is so the cut I would have if my hair was thin!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I rarely catch the funny things that the kids say, I always think, oh I will write it down I remember later - NO!!! Just right now Ry and Ty are playing golf on the Wii and they are having a hard time with a water hazard. Ty was on his 8th stroke and Riley said, "Oh, Dad, 8! You're gonna get a HOBO." I reply, "Ry, do you mean a BOGEY, Maybe?" Riley, "Right, yeah, a Bogey." I think we watch too much Drake and Josh and i Carly, they are always talking about Hobos!!

My two Kiddos

These two could not be more different!! Riley is always ready and willing to take a picture...he does prefer a silly face, though I can usually snap a good one too!

Brie on the other hand, is a STINKY! Here she is fighting to get away, she is probably screaming, " NO, AWAY, NO!!" All the while Riley just holds on to her and smiles away!!

More struggle. Ry finds it amusing.

Okay mom, I will lay on the floor and smile for you. If you look closely, you can see that her top "fang" teeth came in before her two top front teeth!! SUPER CUTE!! And yes, she is wearing more from her Old Navy "Navy" collection. I even found some perfect hair bows!!!

Mindi Said...Give Me Some Light

Our front room is light less! Very difficult to cook at my little "prep" station with out light. So while Ty had his electrical pal over helping with the kitchen, they also installed a ceiling fan. Normally, Ty can do such a task on his own...but, as you can see below, some wiring and such was necessary. They also had to separate an outlet from a light switch too.

My front room ceiling before (have I mentioned that it used to be aqua?)
Our only source of light until last night

So UGLY!!! We had a matching chandelier in the dining room, this lamp joined it in the dump trailer last night...Happy Day!!

My beautiful new ceiling fan!!!! Love, Love, Love it! It works great and lights up the room (we need to get some brighter bulbs - it only came with 40 watt ones). Other than that, it is great!!
Oh, if you are wondering why I have not posted before and afters of the front room, it is because the front room is not quite complete yet. Will post once completely completed :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day

I thought that that all of our different shades of green were I am sharing. I kinda miss the days when it was okay to pinch a complete stranger for not wearing green! I guess I can live through Ry when he starts school! :)

Her face was just too funny in this one! I was impressed that Ty remembered ( I did not notice this until he came home for lunch, as my eyes were VERY closed when he left this AM).
I seriously love my little man! He is the most love-dovey, cuddly kid in the world...and he is just too dang HANDSOME!

Riley did not approve of how difficult B was being! CLASSIC!!


I so NEVER thought that I would be all into handbags...I was SO wrong. I found this one and had to get it..why you ask?? Well for one thing, it is super cute AND it matches my totally awesome wallet I bought a while ago! Once again, L-O-V-E it!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Steph Tagged Me

This Picture is of Riley when he was just 1 year old!!! Seems like another lifetime. My mom and dad came to visit us in good ol' Scranton, PA and we went to visit the church history sites. We were at Hill Cummorah at the monument on top of the hill. I was demonstrating to everyone how much he hated the grass! It was awesome. We could go to a park and put out a blanket and he would stay on the blanket...that is how much he hated the feeling of grass on him!!! I forgot that he was ever so small...good times!

The Rules:
1. Go to your pictures/documents
2. Go to the 6th file.
3. Go to the 6th picture and blog about it.
4. I tag Miss, Katie, Natalie, Amber and Stephanie Grace Waite (I don't know if I spelled your new last name right - sorry! :).

Friday, March 6, 2009


Remodels are difficult. That being said, we are managing to survive and we are getting there. The kitchen is down to the studs, Ty installed our recessed lighting and is working on running the plumbing and installing the outlets and a patio door!! My job is to get drywall quotes so that we will get that done super quick! I cannot wait to cook again and eat a meal around a table. I truly do not like eating on the couch while everyone watches the TV.

This is my front room/kitchen area right now.
This is where I do food prep and cook on my electric skillet.

Behold, the mighty microwave...such magic! A somewhat decent meal in minutes. It is getting used way too much right now.

On a brighter note...we now have full strength water pressure in the shower!!!! The shower before wasn't really a true shower. Imagine, there is the tub faucet and from the top of the faucet runs a hose that connects to the "shower head" and the water for the shower is actually coming from the faucet. The water literally dribbled on us. You don't want to know how long it took to wash my hair!! In just a couple of hours, Ty managed to install piping and run it up for a real shower head!! YAY. Now, I shower too long because I am actually warm. :)

Please forgive the ugly paint and OLD tile, the bathroom is next on the remodel list. Those red hole brackets were from the fake shower head!

Have I Mentioned...We Like Girlie Things

I Truly just cannot wait to get to remodeling Brie's room. I want to organize all of her stuff so that I remember what she has!!!! I was cleaning up her room and noticed that we are collecting quite a lot. IT IS JUST SO FUN!!! I LOVE GIRLIE STUFF!!!
Her hair bows and flowers (the bigger ones, at least)
Small hair clips and her "pretties" bracelets

Shoes, shoes, the shoes!!!

Riley is FUNNY

Please tell me he is not STRANGE?!?!?!? He decided this morning that he wanted to wear his batman costume (which is totally too small for him), which is not abnormal for him. His friends in Logan Josh and Kayden got him into dressing up!! Can you guess what game he is playing on the Wii though...yep, the Lego Batman game that we rented from the video store. He is hooked. He has added it to his birthday list.

Funny Kid

More Navy

More selections of Navy from B's wardrobe. I am so excited to put her in her church dress this Sunday, she is going to be so dang cute. She is starting to cooperate more with the pics!

On a side many binkis fit into her mouth?????? So far I have only seen
two in there at once...I truly do not understand why she has to carry every
single one around!?!?!?!?! She is just a silly, silly.
When we finally went out she wore her hot pink squeaker sneakers - too cute.
Have a mentioned that I LOVE having a girl?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pay it ForWard

Pay it forward...
I saw this on Missa's blog and thought it was a fun idea! The first five people to respond to this post will get something from me! My choice. For you. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
1 - I make no guarantees that you will like what I give you!
2 - What I give/make you will be just for YOU.
3 - It'll be done this year (might take a little while).
4 - You have no clue what it's going to be.
5 - I reserve the right to do something extremely strange (I didn't quite get this catch but thought I would leave it, just for giggles).
The catch?
Oh, the catch is that you must repost this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same.
The first 5 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they did win a FAB-U-LOUS gift from me (may and might be homemade, who knows)!
Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it!
Good luck!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy B

Busy, Active, Hyper, ADHD (j/k)...whatever...B is CRAZY! These pictures were taken today while Riley was at school and B and I were playing. I would say that they were taken within about 10 minutes, maybe less. I was simply trying to take a picture of her super cute WAL MART outfit! She gave me much more than I bargained for.

First she laid down and said, Helllllo!!!
Then she puts her head down and says ni, ni.

Okay, Helllllo again. She did this a few more times.

Okay, now she wants me to chase her down the hall!!!
Now she is giving me a pose!!

I turn my head to grab something...she grabs the DP! What a stink!

Oh, now lets run over and get into the PS games, that is ALWAYS fun and NEVER leads to TROUBLE!!

Okay mom, now you can "wead" to me! This is her all time favorite book. "Rainbow Rob" I have it memorized...let me just type you a snippet. Rob is black and Rob is white, no color at all just black and white. But Rob does not like black and white. He'd like to be a brighter sight. Then one day Rob looked up at a rainbow sky. He looked up and wondered why, if there is red and pink and blue, could he be rainbow colored too? Could he be red just like a fox? A red fox giving chickens shocks? But Rob is not red and cunning, he's black and white and bad at running......I could go on, but I don't want to type the whole book.
It is touch and feel and she is learning her colors.
Well, that is 10 minutes with my Aubry....busy, busy, busy! Have I mentioned that I LOVE nap time??? Gotta go, I am using up precious nap time right now!

Mom, Can I Play the WII????

Riley's new obsession would be playing the Wii. Tyson got it for Christmas and hasn't had much time to play. Well, Ty finally showed me how to switch from the PS3 to the Wii for I have no excuse. During Aubry's nap Riley gets to either play games or watch a movie = free time for mommy!! :) Ry is LOVING the Wii games...looks like we will be getting some more for his Bday! I don't mind the Wii so much because he is rather active and it tires him out!

Look at these Rosy cheeks from playing ping pong!!!
There he goes...nice swing!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am so lovin' my little girl

Okay...Aubry is just too freakin' funny. She has got so dang much personality...lucky me! Ty got her dressed for bed in our too tonight and once he was done she crawled as fast as she could to the head of our bed and got under the covers. She was saying, "ni-night" and "moo-me". Translation: Night-night and movie. She decided that she was going to watch Space Buddies in our bed and go ni-night is MY bed!

She must have learned it from big BRO! He literally begs to watch a movie in our bed EVERY night! They are just chillin' out watching space buddies together. So happy! I am so in love with the fact that they love each other so much! It is the best.

Christmas Rewind

While I was organizing my photos...I realized that I have NO pictures of Aubry in her Christmas dress from her first Christmas - BUMMER. Then I noticed that I hadn't taken pictures from this year either -- I am slackin' on the picture takin'!! So today for church we put the kiddos in their Christmas clothes and I forced pictures on them when we got home. (No, we can't even manage to be ready early for church when it starts at 1PM)!! Luckily they didn't get messy, yay!!! So here they are, better late than never!!

My Mr. Man in his dark gray suit. His tie is the same material as B's dress. Gotta love the Children's Place. (Easter clothes are on the way here from there too :).
Little miss in her "family plaid" dress. Missa totally got me into these dresses. One year we dressed up all of the grandkids the same and Kaleigh and Madelyn wore similar dresses, love it!

My two kiddos lookin' beautiful