Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Aubry Lynn

I cannot believe that 2 years ago today, my little Lynn was born!! I cannot believe my BABY is TWO!!! Time flies way too fast!!! I love my little girl so, so, so, so much!!! I never thought that there could be a child with more personality and that would be more stubborn than Ry....but oh SHE is here and she is MINE!!! She is a crazy little goofball and a tender little sweetie!! That is my B-B! Happy Birthday little Lynn, I love you!

As I was heading out the door to go and have planned inductions of labor!!!
The day she arrived!
One year old...oh how I miss those cheeks!!
Two years old. We got her kitty two outfits and got Ry a batman costume for his monkey...the monkey is new and reborn to him!
Just today...we went to "shwim" today (she loves the water). When we got home all she wanted was noodles (Ramen), actually she wanted them for breakfast, but I insisted on French Toast. So after she scarfed her noodles, she was OUT!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday Fun - Aubry 2

So, B's 2nd birthday is this Friday...I did not want to go crazy with a party (considering she will NOT remember it) and I am still tired from Ry's shin-dig. I was chatting with my friend Andrea and her daughter Mallory turned 2 May 20th and she had just thrown a super hero party for her son Landon. We decided that a Just GIRLS day was in order!! I Love to go to the Gateway in Salt Lake, we both LOVE the California Pizza Kitchen and I have been soooo wanting to take B to Build A Bear since she and Ry started fighting over his monkey. It has been planned for some time now and today was the day!!! It was fun! The girls L O V E each other and it was a fun day. Too quick of a trip, we definitely want to go sans kiddos someday to do all of the shopping that we do not get to do here in Malad. Here is the recap in photos (out of order, of coarse). These pictures are not quite the best, I took my small camera with me that is not as great as my SLR...i paid the price with so-so pictures!

Too many choices for little B!!!
Goofball B and Mallory - terdy B would not take the bread out of her mouth?!?!?!?!
Me and my Birthday Girl
Andrea and her birthday Girl
She has finally made up her mind...the sparkle snow leopard (if you ask her it is a kitty) which she just so happened to name....KITTEN! Yes, we are soooo original!
Momentary change of mind. Black lab - we have a real one at home already!!
Back to kitty
Mallory putting the heart in "black puppy"
What a smirk!!! This girl has got some attitude!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kitchen NOW

Mind you, we are still not completely finished. Paint touch ups and trim, 3" crown molding across top of cabinets, skins, toe kicks and molding around the sliding glass door and dining room door. I just didn't want to wait anymore...because we are a little bit busy now and I am not sure when the kitchen will be completely finished. Besides, I cannot find a dining room light that I like at ALL!!

Counter top is a bit messy, such is everyday life...right?!?!?! This is the wall that originally had the stove (pink one) and that corner island with the sink.
This would be the wall that was useless before. Now it is rather functional!!

LOVE my tile! Ty did an awesome job!! Oh, the white wall behind the table, will be green, someday soon, when I get to painting it! Also, there will be a black counter height square dining room table there....SOON!!!

Counter top is a little less messy. Just a sink full of dishes...time to go start the dishwasher!! I will post more pics once it is completely done! It is definitely functional though!!

Kitchen Before

So, this is why we HAD to remodel the kitchen...Numero Uno priority!! Pink stove, green fridge, not many cabinets. Not ideal!! Did I mention, carpet in the kitchen and dining room!!! YUCK! So this is the kitchen when we first bought the house! Only Tyson could see something good out of this. I was like, NO way in _ _ _ _ am I cooking in THIS! Yes, I am a brat. He talked me into the house and the day we closed, we began demo on this beauty!!

Yes, the sink is in the island. And that is CARPET on the floor! Awesome!!!
Not very functional, no counter top on this side at all!

That pink stove in living it up at the DUMP now!!!!

Dining room complete with turquoise carpet that flows in from the living room!
You don't really get just how gross this kitchen was. I guess only Ty and I will ever know...let's just put it this way, when he tore out the base cabinets, mouse poop and LOTS of it!!! Those critters are long gone, but they leave quite a mess behind!!

Bakin' Brownies

Riley's most favorite treat of all TIME would most definitely be....BROWNIES!!! He loves, loves, LOVES them! He has not had them in a while because of our lack of oven. Once the oven was installed, I had to find the brownies (not buying more when I KNOW I have like 5 boxes packed in our pantry boxes)!!! Then it was too HOT to bake brownies!! Now, FINALLY, we can bake brownies because we have a brand new A/C system. (SPECIAL THANKS to my Pops and younger bro Randall!! They are super awesome!!!!)
So today we made some brownies. This was our first time with two spills, just lots of brownie mix on faces!!

After thoroughly licking the spoon and bowl!
Watching the brownies bake. Ry was talking to B, saying: Okay Aubry, now in there, that is when the brownies get all together!! He is so funny. He is really so good with her (most of the time) and loves to teach her new things! I love my two crazy kiddos!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Out with the old and in with the NEW!

Fond Farewell to Gracie.
Yes, my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4 x 4 was named Gracie. She was a pretty good car, she got the job done! She only broke down once, when we first bought her...though the check engine light was a frequent visitor. I kinda just ignored it knowing that when she died, I would get a new car! There was also the issue that she would not always start. Something in the ignition thing where you put the key in would lock...usually a few smacks with a trusty hammer would get it started! She got us through many a snow storms and off-road adventures. I just wanted more SPACE! So on Saturday, May 30, 2009 the fine people at Larry H. Miller Toyota took her off our hands! Goodbye to Gracie Lou Freebush (yep, named for Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality)

And Hello to ________________. Don't have a name yet, suggestions are WeLcOmE!
Yes, I used to swear up and down that I would NEVER own a minivan. How wrong I was! I LOVE this thing! It seats 7 (Ry and B have their own captain seats), plenty on cargo room and just room and organizers for EVERYTHING!!!! I am soooooooooo in LOVE! Happy, happy, happy day for me! Oh and it drives as smooth as a car, parks as easy as a car and gas mileage...VERY GOOD!
I could not be happier! This is the first NEW car or our 9 year marriage (first one of TY's life)!!
We will see what he gets in a couple of years when it is time to say goodbye to Hondie. ;)

Good Times

We had a very nice family weekend! We have had a bit of stress around here lately, what with kitchen remodel, Ty's ATLS course (Advanced Trauma Life Support) and birhday party planning (yes that one is self induced...STRESS is still stress)!! Anyway, we decided it was time for a break!
Ty was in Murray this past weekend and we did not go with as he was taking a pretty intense course for Doctors that they are now letting PAs take. Super cool, but the hospital he works for paid for Ty REALLY did not want to fail on their dime! So we let him focus and he PASSED! Yep, my PA-C is now certified in ATLS...hopefully ER CALL is coming soon!!! ;)
Ty called me on Sat and said that he REALLY did not want to drive I grabbed the kiddos and some overnight clothes and we stayed in Layton that night. He was too tired to drive...not play! So...we saw the movie up - VERY CUTE! B fell asleep, even better!!! We visited with Ty's brother Adam on Sunday and then drove home! Did I mention....we also bought a new car on Saturday night!! I will post that as well!