Thursday, January 8, 2009


Yes, I know that I haven't posted Thanksgiving or Christmas!! I will get there! The pile of paperwork below is the reason that I am LAGGING!!!! This is what FOUR years of student loans looks like when it has just been placed in folders mixed with other school paperwork! My mission: sort through and fill out a super long loan repayment application ASAP! It is quite the task! Late nights filling out paperwork: $ ?.??, copies: $5.00, Postage: $4.80, Getting help paying off student loans: PRICELESS!!!! He,he---yes I know that I am corny. Will post as soon as this monster is tackled, signed and mailed off!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


My little girl is growing up much too fast!!! She is running around (and into things often), talking up a storm and finally getting some teeth at 18 months old!! We planned on calling here Brie, but now we call her Au-Bee or just B. She named herself Au-Bee, that is how she says her name, I am pretty sure it was her first word! Love my little girl, her blue eyes and her awesome red hair!!
Christmas morning, she thought the presents were okay, all she really wanted was the Chocolate!!!!
Au-Bee - 18 months old. Words: Aubee, Mama, Mommy, Dada, Daddy, Ry-yee (Riley), I do, I love you, Wee, It's Good!, More, Pwease (please), Aah, NO, mine, belby (belly), pee, yeah, wo..wo..wo (usually when she is falling-quite funny). I am sure that there are a few more, this is all that I can think of right now!

She wanted to be outside while Ry and Papa were playing in the snow! She was just too funny!!!

Pleasant Surprise

Okay, Monday afternoon (12/29/08) I was talking on the phone with my mom asking her how best to cook the prime rib that Ty brought home from work and she told me to walk to the window...strange. No, it did not click that they had just asked me my address 3 times (inputting it into the navigation system), or the fact that my dad just asked where mom's snow boots were...nope, all over my head. I walk to the window and there they are in the Suburban right in front of my house!!!!! BEST surprise ever!!!!! We had an AWESOME dinner (compliments of the Ultrasound Center Rep) and mom and dad helped us out a lot! We got blinds up, toilet seats changed and moved some stuff from the storage units! Dad and Ry played a lot in the snow and I don't think that I washed a dish the whole time!!! We were sad to see them go!

Me and my beautiful mama!!!
Papa and Ry all bundled up and ready for the snow fight!!!

Ry taking a hit!

Papa is a cheater! The snow was not packing well, so he grabbed the shovel. He buried Ry and then got Me and Mom! COLD - I was wearing flip flops!


We have moved into our home!!! We are still waiting for probate to end on the home so we can close and start working!!! It is 2600 square feet and was built in 1955. It needs some TLC and we cannot wait to get started. I will post before and after pics once we complete projects. First on the list is the KITCHEN!!!! We are just very grateful to have our own space, have Tyson close to work and looking forward to serving in our ward and making new friends! Watch out Malad, here come the Cluffs!!
Yes, we moved in the SNOW! Not fun, would not suggest it to anyone! We only did it because we wanted to be here for Christmas!!!!! (We barely made it).

Halloween 2008

We had a pretty good Halloween. We were packing to move, so it was a little crazy. Aubry made the cutest Pebbles Flintstone EVER and Ry was quite the dashing Bat Man. Ry went to his primary Halloween party and we all went to "Trunk or Treat" at church. Aubry won a prize for best costume (my Ebay boutique costume paid off) and we got to hang out with our friends Chad and Jen. Good times, good times.
Tyson and Chad with Eva.
Pebbles and Bat Man