Saturday, February 28, 2009

Zeus is FINALLY home

Okay, remember this cute "little" guy...our puppy Zeus. He has been staying at Ty's mom's house since we got him. We finally brought his home this weekend. He is LARGE!! He is so good though. He just loves to be around us. I never thought that I would let a large lab into my home...I was wrong. We brought him home and he hasn't had much attention at all since we moved here and he was in Logan. So we let him in the house just so that he would feel loved. He just chilled with us and watched Ice Age. It is good to have him home!!! I can't wait to walk him and get him potty trained so he can be in the house more often!

Our pup when we first got him...he was 2 months old - I think.
Our large full grown lab now

Ty's new foot rest

He is so great with Riley. Just give him a little attention and he will do anything for you!
Welcome home Zeus. Now we need to get him a playmate...we are thinking a male Great Dane, fawn colored with a black mask! He will make Zeus look small! :)

We are lovin' the Navy!

So, it is once again that time to purchase Brie a new wardrobe. Every season, or whenever she grows I notice that I gravitate toward certain colors. This season it is definitely Navy!!! I am just lovin' her in Navy. There are more pics to she wears more of her outfits, I just couldn't wait to put these ones up. She loves her shoes and jacket - totally throws a fit when it is time to take them off! Too funny.

I was just playing around with this one...the color seems off a little.
She grabbed my DP...she is starting way too young!!

Her pretty blue (not suede) shoes.

Happy girl

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting outside

So, when I picked Ry up from school I was dragging. I have no clue why I am just so dang tired! I was ready to go home, feed B and put her down for a nap and plop into bed! Then I asked Ry if he wanted to go for a walk. His response, "Mom, that is a great idea. Okay, you push the stroller and walk and I will ride my bike, Okay mom? Does that sound good, mom?" We did that every day of the last spring and early summer. It was really fun. That kid just remembers everything, except for the rules!! So I got Brie warm and toasty and brought Ry's bike out of our enclosed patio turned storage unit. He was so excited!!! We walked around the neighborhood and the sun felt great, even though it was only 36 degrees today. Seriously felt much warmer!! Ry managed to ride through every puddle that I told him to watch out for (maybe next time I won't say anything and he won't notice them). Other than that he was perfect. He stayed close by and only needed a couple of nudges to get up the hill. It was a little tricky...not everyone clears their walks. I can't say anything, if we didn't have a snow blower our walks would be snow covered as well. So some of our walk was on sidewalks and some in the street. It is a quiet place and just really so beautiful. I am enjoying the fresh air and the mountain scenery. Even better, I am now not tired! No nap necessary. I just need to get off of my rump!!!!

Feeling refreshed after our walk. Ry wanted his bike in the picture
The mud splatters from his puddle riding

My two kiddos!! I love that she wears this hat. Ty's mom knit it for her and I just love how colorful and bright it is! They are starting to play really well together and she adores him. If you ask her if she loves you, she'll say no. Then I asked her, "B do you love Ry Ry?" Her reply, "yeah" - then I asked about me again, "NO". Gotta love it! No is definitely her FAVORITE word right now! She's a bit of a stink! But we love her for it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 is the BEST!

Okay...I so love, love, LOVE Costco! Besides the rest of the things that I actually need, they have the CUTEST clothes!!! Here are some pics of the kids "modeling" some clothes that we got for them. Tyson wanted to buy Riley like all three designs of the Hurley Sherpa lined hoodie (SUPER WARM), but I talked reason into him. On the other hand, Aubry has now collected 4 of these Baby Lulu outfits. They are just so soft and cozy, oh and CUTE!
So cute! Just love it.
He is lookin' pretty cool!

Riley was holding on to Brie for dear life! She is not too cooperative when it comes to photo shoots, where Riley on the other hand is the HAM of our fam!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Willow Tree

I just love these Willow Tree figurines. I have another one that Ty got me for Mother's Day last year (packed away somewhere). They are just so cute and precious! I have never really collected anything before...I am hooked. They have a whole line on little angels, I am totally doing a shelf of these in Brie's room!

My little catch all box, keeps things that I need to be reminded to take with me out of little hands...Aubry! She is into EVERYTHING!

Not in Love with Idaho Snow

Believe it or not, not all snow is created equally. Pennsylvania snow and the snow we has last winter in Utah was good snow that packed well. It was great play in the snow, snow. This Idaho snow that we have SUCKS! It is just so slushy. After it snows nothing really packs well (forget a snow ball, let alone a snow man!). Not to mention all of the yucky puddles it creates. yes my Uggs are drenched because I didn't watch my step tonight going to pick up our salads and hoagies! Well, at least it is pretty.

These aren't the biggest flakes we have had, but they are decent.
I guess I am really complaining because this is the kind of snow that driving in is dangerous. So we were in the house ALL DAY LONG! I am more of an out in about type. SPRING, please come SOON!

The Real Valentine's Day

Okay, these pics are a little out of order...sorry. My blogging skills are just not what they used to be. Well, Ty and Ry had a great time at the Monster Truck Rally they went to. We had a snow storm hit Friday night and it was still snowing in Utah on they had to drive slow. Other than that, it was great.
This guy is "Backwards Bob" he is actually jumping up, not landing! The truck body is on the frame backwards...CRAZY!
They had some freestyle motorcycle riders there. Ry loved it.

Ty said that they caught some major air.

Adam (Ty's brother) and his boys Cade and Caleb.

It was LOUD. Good thing they stopped at Wal-Mart for ear plugs!
My boys just before they left for their father and son outing!!

Our Valentine's Cake. No I did not make it...Sam's Club did. It was yummy. A little rich, we only ate one slice between all of us.

My Valentine kissin the camera instead of me.

Me and B at Hamilton's (my fav restaurant in Logan). There was this really cute girl who was bringing out bread and filling water, she stopped and told me that I definitely had the cutest Valentine in the whole restaurant! We had fun.
No ear piercing stories to tell or pics to show. Wouldn't you know that there would only be one place in all of Cache Valley that pierces ears. They only had one girl working and I really did not think that Brie would let her near her after the first ear. I guess we will be waiting for another opportunity. :(

Friday, February 13, 2009

V-Day...a little early

Valentines Day
Okay, today is only Friday, but the gifts were here and tomorrow is going to be a little busy. So when Ty came home from lunch today, I decided to give the kids their gifts from us. Aubry is VERY into purses, necklaces and bracelets. (We call them her pretties). She gets upset when I take off her bracelets or necklace...she is so funny. Also, whenever it is time to go I say, "Okay B, time to go." She then drops what she is doing and RUNS to find one of my smaller bags that I let her play with, puts it on her shoulder and goes to the door either saying, "I go, I go." or "See ya" while waving!!! So I decided to get her some different bracelets and a new purse.
Yes, I am pushing Hello Kitty on her...because I still love it!! She is very receptive to it too!
Two of her new pretties!!!

Mr. Riley is EXTREMELY into Transformers. (He has already planned his 5th birthday party, which will include a Transformers cake and lots of transformers presents...oh and the spaceship from the Space Buddies movie...yes he is funny too). He received money for Christmas from his Cluff Grandparents and we searched high and low for the OLD (1974 Camero) Bumble Bee and Barricade (the police car that says "to punish and enslave" on it). Our search was fruitless. So I told him that I would look on the computer. I should not have told him that. He asked me 3 times a day if I found the toys and if I had ordered them (can we say toy shopping savvy??). He even took a paper with the toys pictures that I printed out for him to school for show and tell!! Needless to say...he is VERY happy about barricade. (SHHH...bumble bee is coming too...any day now)!

Just because I think she is pretty!

Poll: should I take her to pierce her ears tomorrow????
Ty and Ry are going to the Monster Truck event in SLC with Adam and his boys. So it is me and B. Too bad she isn't quite old enough for the mani-pedi outing (my feet are pretty bad!!) So I thought why not BLING her out completely. Is it mean to do it when she is 19 months and it might hurt a bit??? Let me know, Thanks!
Happy Valentine's Day to all of our very loved friends and family! Love the Cluffs
Tyson, Mindi, Riley and Aubry

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Christmas Morning 2008

Christmas this year was good. We slept in and when Riley awoke to all the presents under the tree he could not contain his excitement! He was so happy that Santa Clause knew that we had moved and had found our house. We opened presents and had breakfast and just hung out the rest of the day. It was quiet and I was missing my family as it was my year for Christmas this year. Ty had to work the next day so we could not make it down to Cali. (We are NOT missing Christmas 2010 with the Jackmans). We were supposed to go to Ty's brother's house, but we had a blizzard that day and got dumped on. So it was a nice and quiet Christmas for us. Ty and Ry played the Wii and Aubry just pushed her new stroller all over the house. I played with the awesome eye shadows that my sis-in-law Katie gave me!!

The cute sweater I bought myself from Tyson
Ty's new work sweaters

She actually opened her own presents this year. It was fun to watch.

She was MUCH more into opening chocolates from her stocking than her presents!!

Riley and his mess. He is waiting, not so patiently, for Ty to put together his Geo Trax (or as he says it: GETO-TRAX) airport set. It is still assembled in his room and he and Brie play with it at least once a day. They love those remotes.

Ry's super cool shirt from super cool Auntie Miss and Uncle Rick! Thanks guys!!

She finally got into the presents once I hid the chocolates.

He was soooooo excited even though he was with us when we bought this!

She found another chocolate

A "Make-Do" Christmas Tree

Well, we moved into our house right before Christmas and when we went to go tree shopping...there were no trees. We found a couple of shrubs, but no trees. Riley was upset but got over it. We told him he could either have a small, real tree or a big, fake tree. His response: "Well, I think I want a real, big tree!" That kid, he only hears what he wants to most of the time. We finally decided on a big, fake tree and I bought the cheapest one I could find. It was a little sparse...but we are getting a REAL, BIG tree next year! It's all good.

In front of the tree all decorated and in Christmas Eve Pajamas!!
Riley LOVED decorating the tree this year. He kinda clumped all of the ornaments in one spot, so Ty and I did some rearranging later on, when he was asleep.

Aubry LOVED the ornaments. She pulled them all out and then would hang one and rip two or three off of the tree. It was a long process!

Daddy helped. So did I, but the pics were from a bad thanks!

There she goes. She would leave with one and come back with two or three different ones. Riley was actually rather patient though! We moved them all up when she was asleep!!

Thanksgivng Fun 2008

Okay, I did not get around to taking too many pictures on Thanksgiving. It was not the best holdiay ever...there was some family tension...'nuff said. Anyway, the Cluff's always have a pinata for the kids and that is always fun! They mamed it pretty good and Riley really had fun!

poor, poor pinata.
Riley went at it like a crazy man.

Cute little Kaitlyn! This is Ty's brother Stephen's little girl! She is so dang cute.

Wu, Wu!!!!

YAY!! I am finally done with the Loan Repayment Application! Let me tell you, it was stressin' me out! There is like a 38 item checklist and if you send in an application with just one little thing wrong or sorry try again next year! Very Stressful. We are done and it was mailed on January 28, 2009. I tried to blog this earlier, but couldn't upload the pics. Anywho...will get caught up soon!
Aubry was happy too! This is how she is smiling right now!
All ready to be postmarked at the post office!

That is one freakin' LONG application!!

I feel like a weight has been lifted from me!!!!
Happy day.