Friday, November 26, 2010

Haden Ryker Cluff

Our third child has FINALLY arrived and completed our family!! Haden Ryker Cluff was born on Tuesday November 23 at 7:07 pm - just as the first big blizzard of the season was winding down!! We stayed Monday night in Logan, not knowing when the hospital would call me for my induction. We got to the hospital at about 12:30 pm, pitocin started around 2pm and after some serious 9 lb. 6 oz, 19.5" baby boy was out!! Tyson and my doctor delivered him, that was really cool!! My mom was able to be in the room with us too and that was wonderful to have her there. He is a mix of both Ry and B, with hair much like Riley's!

Very ready and excited to get labor going! I knew the baby was big, because he felt BIG, just didn't think he was quite so big!!
Mom kept everyone up to date for us!
Lots of contractions, time to push. One word - EPIDURAL - can honestly say I did not feel much pain at all for the whole thing!
Tyson A. Cluff, PA-C and proud father. He said it was a truly amazing experience! Thanks Dr. Blackett!! They did awesome!My mom manned the camera for us, since Ty was busy!! She got some great pictures!!
I was pretty emotional, knowing that this is the last time and all. I am so grateful that everything went as smoothly as it did and that Haden is strong and healthy! We are so very blessed!
Big brother holding baby brother

Uncle David was in town and came to visit. He played Airbender with the kids and they have grown very fond of him!!
Big sister holding baby brother Grandma - Ty's mom

Auntie Eileen came to visit too. (David's wife).

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Week

This past week was a little crazy for me. Under normal circumstances this week would have been no big thang! Since this pregnancy is kicking my was exhausting, but fun and worth it! First Tuesday Ry had his basketball practice and then he went to his school with me to help get ready for the Halloween Carnival Wednesday. That night Ty and B went shopping for the new front room tv...(yes the room is almost done!!!)
Then Wednesday was reading mom in Ry's class, my turn for Joy school, short rest, get kids in costumes and head to the Elementary school for dinner and the carnival. Ty met us there, we all had a really good time! I ran the game in Ry's class the last half hour and Ty and the kids just hung out with me and Ry's teacher in there.
Thursday we had a parade at Ry's school and then the other room mom and I threw a class party in Ry's class. The kids were so WiReD and CrAzY!!! Brie crashed and took a three hour nap when we got home...I should have. Ty and Ry wanted to go to the football game in Pocatello, B was gonna be up all night anyway, so we went. Malad's team killed the other team! It was pretty fun!!!
Friday, the kids and I slept in and I had a yucky day. That night we went to Ty's family party and that was fun. The cousins always enjoy each other. We stayed way too late!
Saturday, Ry had his basketball game at 9 am. Ty and B stayed home, they were starting to get sick. Then at 3:30 we had trunk or treat, then off to trick or treat at friends homes.
Sunday, B had a fever, Ty still not feeling good, I am DEAD TIRED. So we just chilled and finally carved pumpkins. BUSY, busy week!

Ready for Joy School to start
Off to the Carnival

Pretty snow white for Ry's class party
Ry and his Iron Man 2 pal Riggin, parade
Buds together again, class party
Finally got around to pumpkins, I helped B and Ty helped Ry, though he did quite a bit of it himself! They cried when I put them outside...Ry thinks they will get stolen!
Ready for trunk or treat
His Iron Man 2 costume did NOT hold up very well, so he decided he wanted to be a vampire! So Ty did his makeup and sprayed his hair black...which Ry loved because his hair was finally dark like daddy's!
My precious, sparkly faced little lady bug!
Aubry and her Joy School pals...cutest little girls EVER!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Soccer Season

If there is an organized sport, Riley wants in! He just loves to be busy and have an activity to go to! More than anything else...he LOVES the trophy at the end!! (My funny little guy!!) Soccer season is short here, they try to squeeze it all in before it gets too cold and/or snowy! The weather cooperated this year and was actually too warm for my taste most days!! Nevertheless, Riley had fun, he scored a goal or two the majority of the games, though he is NOT the fastest out there! He has slowed down some with all of the growth spurts he has gone through!! At the last game he asked me, what sport is next mom? Thankfully basketball starts in just a week or two...we haven't told him about wrestling. It is a big deal out here...Ty and I just aren't too into it! Hopefully we can keep the secret!

Warming up, no clue what the arms are about!
He was really good at throwing the ball in to his teammates, they usually scored off of his kick/throw ins!
Okay, so his head is not in this shot, but this was one of his goal kicks. No clue why he was jumping off of the ground right then?!?!?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pretty, Pretty Ballerina

Brie started dance a couple weeks ago and L-O-V-E-S it!! I love that she loves it! She looks so stinkin' cute in her dance outfits I can hardly stand it!! Everyday she asks if it is dancing day! Too bad it is only one day a week. She is learning ballet, tap and tumbling!

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Grade

I seriously cannot believe that my little man is already in first grade! He is so big and grown up! He missed the first week of school due to Hawaii, we did his school work on vacation! We had been preparing Riley by talking a lot about how early he had to wake up and how long he would be at school...8 am to 3:20 pm. All he heard was 3 recesses!!! Sunday night Ty gave him a haircut and then a wonderful Father's Blessing! I am so very grateful to have the Priesthood in my home! Riley woke up Monday morning without a fight and we commenced getting ready. We had breakfast together (he and I were the only ones awake) and we chatted. He hugged me three different times and told me how much he was going to miss me! He kept saying, "Mom, I am going to be gone ALL day...that is so long is going to be dark when I get home!" The kid is so funny!

Looking handsome as ever!
Goofy may not be able to tell, but he is more like size of a 9 or 10 year old! Kid is tall, he wears size 10 jeans and 4.5 Y shoes. Size 6 will be MEN'S shoes....crazy!!!
His super cool How to Train Your Dragon backpack. He really loves that movie!
So, I walked him to his class to make sure he got there and got settled. When I picked him up, he gave me a hug and proudly reported "no time outs" to me! (He is a bit of a talker...wonder where he gets that from!!!) He proceeded to tell me that tomorrow I do not need to walk him to his class, he is too big for that! He also mentioned not wanting me to come to school for lunch saying, "mom, that's okay, I am a big boy and I have lots of friends!" He is breaking my heart!!! When did my baby boy become so independent and grown up?
Motherhood milestone for me: I MISS HIM WHEN HE IS AT SCHOOL! It is a long day, but he has all day Friday to drive me crazy!!
Glad he is loving school and all seems to be going well so far!

Hawaiian Fun

Jackman Maui trip 2010
We had a great time in Maui with some of our Jackman family. Tyson was only in pain for the first 2 days of vacation, due to his kidney stone surgery. After that he was good! We flew over on a Friday and it was a long day of travel with lots of kids! We all stopped at Da Kitchen for supper! YUMMY! We love that place. When we got to our rooms, we CRASHED!!! Saturday was unpacking and organizing then to the pool. Sunday we went to church with Maga, Papa, Amber, Steph, Jasper and Ansley. Then the we went on a drive, road to Hana. (Not Maga and Papa). It was beautiful, only a little barf! Then we stopped at the seven pools of O'Hea and swam in waterfall stuff. LONG day, we got back after 8pm! The rest of the week we swam in the pool, shopped and ate yummy food! Riley and Brie LOVED being with their cousins and they all played wonderfully together! Dad, Ty and Rick golfed one day...the WHOLE day! Crazy guys played two rounds! They had a blast! We had a girls lunch at Mama's Fish amazingly delicious and I got to chill with my mom-bonus!!! All in all, we had a great time!
Thanks Maga and Papa!!!!

Kiddos after a long day of travel, being good while the men got the luggage
One of the falls on the road to Hana

Family Picture

Ber, Jasper, Ansley and Steph

When driving in the rain forest, watch for falling fruit!!

The Pools of O'Hea. They were a little chilly, but still cool. Ty, Ry, Steph and Jasper ventured to some of the other pools. B and I stayed at this one. Ber fed the baby!
The rocks hurt her feet, so she chilled with me on a bigger rock

Riley lovin' it!
Pool time with Papa

Way back from the water slide?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Goings On

Since we have been home from Carpinteria we have been busy!! (And I have been TIRED)!! I didn't think that 30 was old until I got pregnant...this one has been tough.
So...we have been working on the house. Our bedroom has new windows, all the wall paper is gone and has new nice texture on the walls. Tyson painted the room brown and aqua...looks super nice!! He also trimmed out the windows too! Just need to rip up the carpet because all three bedrooms are getting new carpet August 31!!! YAY!! Then we can all have our rooms back! Ty ripped the carpet up in the front room to find that our hardwood floors look pretty darn good! We bought hard woods for the hallway and the floor will get laid and then all the floors refinished probably early September!! Ty also ripped down the paneling on the wall in the front room!! Soon the upstairs will be done, aside from the bathroom. I decided that I wanted all of the easier stuff done first, then he can put all of his focus on the bathroom!!
The kids completed another round of swimming lessons...they had fun. Riley did really well and almost has his back stroke down!! Aubry, well she was the only one in her class and I think she had her teacher wrapped around her finger. It was just glorified water play time for her...fine with me, she was happy!
I am still VERY tired!
This past Saturday Ty had a kidney stone start to!!!! It hit him at night, so he was able to do some work on the house first. Long story short, the stone wasn't passing on it's own, so Monday he had surgery to get it removed. He is still pretty uncomfortable, but is back at work. We leave tomorrow for Hawaii, so hopefully he will be out of pain for vacation!!
Will post lots of fun stuff from Maui when we get back! Hope you all have a great last few weeks of summer and good first weeks of school!!! :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Carpinteria 2010

Another week at the beach has come and gone. I am STILL doing laundry!!! Big news this year, Tyson won the Cluff brother golf tournament!!!! I will post a picture of him with him trophy...yes they have trophies, a winner one and a loser one! We have had the loser one a few times!!! That was Saturday and then my mom watched the kids for us Saturday night and we went to PF Chang's- YUMMY!!!
Then Sunday was the day of Carp set up. The kids got sick in the car (a first) must have been the traffic on the 101!! Kids are not used to that kind of driving! We got our tent all set up and then the chasing of Aubry began. That girl is a little wanderer!!!! The week was a little chilly...75 is NOT beach weather!!! The kids still loved it, I was cold though! Here are the pictures!

Ry and B in their 60th year Carpinteria shirts
Ry lost his FIRST tooth at the beach!! It had been "wiggly" for a while...Uncle David loosened it up quite a bit and Riley finally let Ty yank it!! The Tooth Fairy even came to Carp and left Ry a bounty for his tooth! He was pretty excited!!

The boys (Cade, Christian and Ry in the back) getting ready for the 4 man race - winter Olympics 2010.
Adam, David, Eileen and Tyson...possibly talking a little smack!?!?!?
Even though David went down HARD...they managed to place in the race!
I have NO words
She LOVES the beach! She had sand everywhere!!
Ty and Ry getting ready to catch some waves! Riley did awesome!! He caught a lot of waves and had so much fun!! He scared me a few times when he tried to go out with the bigger boys! I felt a lot better when Ty was out there with him!

B and Cams running with the tide

Done for the day...he slept like a baby every night!
Gold medal number 1
They managed a bronze!!!
Running the torch
Gold medal number 2...he is quite the seed spitter!!!!