Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swimming Fun

I love to swim...swimming with two kids in the pool, not so much! Oh so lucky for me the pool here in town will swim with my kids for me!! YAY. This week and last week the kids have been going to swimming lessons from 11 am to 12 noon. Perfect time for us considering Brie has been waking up at 10:30am lately! Aubry is in level 1 and just starting out and really enjoys it! Riley is in level 3 and he loves too! Thank you to the Le Grande Aqua Plunge...can't wait until session 4 in August...something to do between Carp and Maui.
All ready to go
Riley mastering his back float
Riley swam over to Aubry's station for some hugs and loves
Brie really fights this...she is starting to do better.
practicing his rainbow arms while waiting his turn with teacher
Do you think she thinks she is a model?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday Girl "3"

My baby girl is officially NO LONGER a baby!!! :( Sad day for mommy! She is potty trained and off of the bink and bottle...yes I totally babied her! So for her third birthday I asked her what she wanted to do...and she wanted to go paint nails. She is such a girlie little girl!! No complaints here, she sat in my lap while I had a nice spa pedicure and she had her nails and toes painted super cute!! She did pretty good until the lady tried to paint flowers on all 10 of her fingers...that took a while!! It was nice though! I still owe her a trip to the cupcake shop, because according to her cupcakes are her favorite!
Aubry Lynn - 3 yrs old - weight: 30 lbs. - height:
Nicknames: B, B-lynn, stinky-lynn, Brie, Brie-ner
Nicknames she gave herself: Princess Aubry, Princess B
Pretty toes

She always wants to wear church every day, so I decided that she could for her birthday day!! She was so excited!

Her new thing for pictures...she smiles a little and looks away all shy!

Her pile of presents
Maga and Papa gave her a tricycle...which she LOVES!!!

again, looking away from the camera for her picture!
Riley helped me wrap, then helped her un-wrap!
Princess Aubry

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2010
Tyson is normally on call (ER) every Monday. He got kinda sick of the whole never having a 3-day weekend. He got someone to cover his ER call shift and went golfing in the morning, then we met up with his family at a park in Nibley (near Logan) for a picnic. It was fun even though the weather wasn't great. We had a baby shower for Ty's nephew's wife and celebrated Ty's niece's high school graduation. The boys played a little baseball and the girls sat around and chatted. Afterwards we went to Ty's mom's house. The kids played outside, the adults played a game: Know or Blow! Then our sister-in-law Heather did a quick photo shoot for us. Below is our most recent family picture!!