Saturday, November 24, 2007

The things they do and say

Once again we had to go to Target and get new winter PJ's because Riley just keeps growing like a WEED! He was so excited to get "cool pajamas". He liked them for the feet and of coarse because they are like sister's!!

One day while I was trying to pack and get organized the house seemed a little too quite. So I started looking for Riley and this is what I found. He had climbed into her crib. When I gave him my look, he looked at me so innocently and said, "I just want to lay with her mom!" He loves his sister soooooo much! This is so why they will not be sharing a room any time soon! He just doesn't get that she needs her own space! I have gotta keep an eye on that kid!!!


King Klan said...

how sweet that he loves her so much

Stephanie said...

So cute! They are going to be such good friends!