Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Week

This past week was a little crazy for me. Under normal circumstances this week would have been no big thang! Since this pregnancy is kicking my was exhausting, but fun and worth it! First Tuesday Ry had his basketball practice and then he went to his school with me to help get ready for the Halloween Carnival Wednesday. That night Ty and B went shopping for the new front room tv...(yes the room is almost done!!!)
Then Wednesday was reading mom in Ry's class, my turn for Joy school, short rest, get kids in costumes and head to the Elementary school for dinner and the carnival. Ty met us there, we all had a really good time! I ran the game in Ry's class the last half hour and Ty and the kids just hung out with me and Ry's teacher in there.
Thursday we had a parade at Ry's school and then the other room mom and I threw a class party in Ry's class. The kids were so WiReD and CrAzY!!! Brie crashed and took a three hour nap when we got home...I should have. Ty and Ry wanted to go to the football game in Pocatello, B was gonna be up all night anyway, so we went. Malad's team killed the other team! It was pretty fun!!!
Friday, the kids and I slept in and I had a yucky day. That night we went to Ty's family party and that was fun. The cousins always enjoy each other. We stayed way too late!
Saturday, Ry had his basketball game at 9 am. Ty and B stayed home, they were starting to get sick. Then at 3:30 we had trunk or treat, then off to trick or treat at friends homes.
Sunday, B had a fever, Ty still not feeling good, I am DEAD TIRED. So we just chilled and finally carved pumpkins. BUSY, busy week!

Ready for Joy School to start
Off to the Carnival

Pretty snow white for Ry's class party
Ry and his Iron Man 2 pal Riggin, parade
Buds together again, class party
Finally got around to pumpkins, I helped B and Ty helped Ry, though he did quite a bit of it himself! They cried when I put them outside...Ry thinks they will get stolen!
Ready for trunk or treat
His Iron Man 2 costume did NOT hold up very well, so he decided he wanted to be a vampire! So Ty did his makeup and sprayed his hair black...which Ry loved because his hair was finally dark like daddy's!
My precious, sparkly faced little lady bug!
Aubry and her Joy School pals...cutest little girls EVER!