Monday, October 4, 2010

Soccer Season

If there is an organized sport, Riley wants in! He just loves to be busy and have an activity to go to! More than anything else...he LOVES the trophy at the end!! (My funny little guy!!) Soccer season is short here, they try to squeeze it all in before it gets too cold and/or snowy! The weather cooperated this year and was actually too warm for my taste most days!! Nevertheless, Riley had fun, he scored a goal or two the majority of the games, though he is NOT the fastest out there! He has slowed down some with all of the growth spurts he has gone through!! At the last game he asked me, what sport is next mom? Thankfully basketball starts in just a week or two...we haven't told him about wrestling. It is a big deal out here...Ty and I just aren't too into it! Hopefully we can keep the secret!

Warming up, no clue what the arms are about!
He was really good at throwing the ball in to his teammates, they usually scored off of his kick/throw ins!
Okay, so his head is not in this shot, but this was one of his goal kicks. No clue why he was jumping off of the ground right then?!?!?


The Leishman's said...

Gotta love sports! We are trying to avoid the wrestling thing too.

Hope you are feeling good.

amber driessen said...

Haha we did wrestling a couple years kolby loved it and it was fun even though we knew nothing about it. But you have to drive ALL over to go to the meets and they are CRAZY with kids and parents everywhere so that part I do not miss :)