Saturday, October 20, 2007

Grandmas and Great-Grandmas

Me, Brie and Ry with Grandma Jackman (my dad's mom)
Four generation photo: (left to right: My mom (Sherri Jackman), her mom (Earlene Freeman), Aubry and Me.
Grandma Marsha (Tyson's mom) holding little Brie

While we were in Utah looking for a place to live, we went to visit my Grandma Jackman and we took a four generation picture with my Grandma Freeman. Also, Tyson's mom came home from her mission while we were there, so we went to visit her! Riley so loved seeing grandmas and cousins and aunts and uncles! He really has missed that over the past couple of years being so far away from family!


Pinky & Unga said...

Man, I forgot how much you look like your mom! I like your hair short, althought I never saw it's how I remember you. Very Pretty!