Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Frogs and Snails, is that what little boys are made of?

Saturday rolled around and I was pouting because Tyson didn't want to do what I wanted to, what else is new? When I am mad, I usually do chores. So, Ty was trying to get back into my good graces by taking out the upstairs trash that I had collected and bagged and he found a frog. He called Ry out to see the frog and of course he was thrilled. He told Ty, we have to show mommy!!!! Riley was so excited about this frog that I asked him if he wanted a pet frog (yes, I really don't think b4 I speak!). He jumped all over that one! So, we went to the pet store and found the cheapest and easiest to maintain frog we could find, an African dwarf frog. $15.00 later, we were at home getting Kermit's cage ready and putting Gary (the snail to clean up after Kermit - yes Ry likes Sponge Bob-Gary his Bob's snail). Well, it has been a couple of days, Gary died, we are on Gary the second. Last night, Kermit bit it too! Good thing we went and bought Gary the second yesterday and another XL African dwarf frog, whom Riley named Green. These are our pets, hopefully we can keep these alive longer. (Luckily, they are only 2 bucks a pop!!)


Whitney said...

Thats so cute. Yesterday Dominic (guy im dating) was sick so I went and bought him a fish, one of those Beta fish. $50 later I suprised him with it....I cant believe how much everything adds up!

Katie Jackman said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope it was great. Riley is too cute. Maddie had a pet worm whom she named Farm. Just like yours it didn't last long before she smooshed it. Can't wait to see you. Don't worry, we will be out of your room down stairs by then! :)

Jayme said...

Don't you just LOVE all the critters!! Way cute page!!