Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Is it Halloween yet mommy?

Let me start with this, last Halloween Riley was Chicken Little and it was a bit of a struggle to get him into his costume. So, this year, I thought that I would let him choose his costume to help him get pumped for the big night!!!! My how the boy has changed over the past year!!! He picked "Buzz Lightyeart" (Ry's language) and helped me order the costume online. That night Ry saw Ty on the competer (Ry talk again) and told his dad that he wanted his Buzz Lightyeart. Ty asked me what he wanted and I told him about the costume, so, Ty told Ry that is would come in the mail - mistake # 2!! For 5 days, every 10 minutes, before and after the mail man came all I heard was this, "Mama, where is my Buzz in the mail?!?" Finally, it came on Monday - take a guess as to how many times he has worn it already???? The magic number: 5, I have finally hid it!!!! Too funny.


Marissa said...

My boys wear their costumes all the time. In fact, when their friends come over they all want to be power rangers and buzz lightyear! Go KYANI!