Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Carpinteria 2008

Okay, so every summer the Cluff family ( and like 100 other people from the Collings family line) go to Carpinteria for a family reunion. They have been doing so for almost 60 years and though I hate camping in tents with dirt and sand and hot and sunblock and sunburn (you get it yet) I still go because it is a tradition and my kids LOVE it. What am I to do, I am a mom now and life is SO NOT about me. Anyway - My mom went with me to help with the kids because poor Tyson had to go to Pennsylvania for testing and all that jazz to finish up PA school. I didn't get many pics, but I did remember to take my camera to the birthday party. We celebrate the all of the kids under 12 I think and all of the zero birthdays and since this just so happens to be my mom's 50th bday year - she was included!!! Very fun.

Mom in her Bday hat, she pulls it off!!!
Mom and my bro-in-law (mom's bishop no less) David Cluff he is 40!!!
Riley was soooooooo excited to get his treats!!!
He totally ran up there when they called his name. Funny kid.
Well we do a lot more at Carp. This year we had Olympic competitions since it was an Olympic year, we had a Pioneer Trek because we were there on Pioneer Day, we go to the beach most days, I always go to the outlets at Carmarillo one day (which mom and I did - can't buck tradition!!!), campfire every night (that was fun) and lots more fun stuff. I am sure I will have way more pics in 2009, my photographer, Tyson, will be there!!