Thursday, October 16, 2008

Corn Picking with Grandpa Cluff

We were home to UT for maybe TWO days, when Tyson decides that we should go and visit his dad up in Blackfoot Idaho! Granted, we had told his dad that we wanted to pick corn with him, but we had just been gone for so looooooooooooooooooooooooooong! Luckily I had no laundry to do (thanks to mom - again) so we unpacked everything and re-packed for a two day trip and off to Blackfoot we went. It was a nice trip. Ty's dad has a big, cozy house and they like to cook for us (very nice)!! We went and picked the yummiest corn EVER! That was the fun part. We picked some 150 ears of corn and then came the work. The boys shucked the corn and then the ladies boiled the corn. Then Ty, Jerry (Ty's dad) and I cut the kernels to make a cream corn and then scraped the kernels (germ and all) off with the edge of a spoon and then bagged them for freezing! I appreciate my corn VERY much! Lots of work to have yummy summer corn into the winter (it is NOT gonna last too long)!
Tyson in the stalks
Riley had lots of fun trying to find the biggest ears!
Yummy, white corn!
I picked two ears, the rest of the time I was with Brie! Not stroller friendly!
Our yummy corn treasure!!!